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Biden’s contribution to creeping socialism

President Biden Wednesday evening, in his speech to Congress, will outline his vision for the inexorable advance of socialism, detailing several major new “benefits” Democrats hope to lock in forever as ongoing government programs.

The problem with a lot of programs liberals propose is that they may initially be temporary and small, but they are intended to become permanent and big. And then they grow forever and beget other programs. Eventually, you end up with socialism, because as the Left knows, once you give somebody something, it is very hard to take it away.

For example, Biden wants $200 billion for universal schooling for three and four year olds and $225 billion for child care. The federal government already has a variety program to support child care. Now the nanny state will literally be taking care of your children.

Biden wants to permanently extend “temporary” expanded Obamacare subsidies provided in the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. A double whammy – both extending a temporary benefit and expanding an existing program.

He wants $225 billion for national paid family and medical leave. This is a program that was initiated under the Clinton administration. So by God, it’s time to expand it!

He wants $109 billion for free community college. Of course, community colleges are already subsidized.

And he wants to extend what was supposedly a temporary increase in the child tax credit. Many would get it even if they have no income. That is, free money.

All paid for by taxing the “rich,” by which Biden means small businesses and wealthy people who employ others, and by taxing capital gains, which means decreasing the incentive to invest in America.

That is, it’s all paid for by you.

Efforts to expand socialism never stop. Biden is seeking to make a major contribution.


2 thoughts on “Biden’s contribution to creeping socialism”

  1. My 35 year old nephew thinks Republicans should stop calling Biden’s big government take over as socialism because most young people (less than 40) think socialism is fine, and many refer to it as democratic socialism.

    Rather, he thinks Republicans should refer to Biden’s agenda as Authoritarianism and/or Liberal Fascism. I agree — don’t be afraid to use language aggressively because that’s what the Democrats are doing. Fight fire with fire.

    Read Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. History is repeating itself.

  2. Rebekah, you are right about temporary measures becoming permanent. I remember years ago when Texas passed the sales tax. It was sold as being temporary.

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