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Video || Biden says he’ll be “in trouble” if he answers another question

Whoops. Spills the beans that he’s been told to limit his interaction with the press.

But part of this also could be not wanting to make “news” ahead of his big speech Wednesday night.

Not that it would have stopped Trump from giving a full press conference the day before.

2 thoughts on “Video || Biden says he’ll be “in trouble” if he answers another question”

  1. In trouble…with WHO? You are the leader of the free world, stop acting like the lunch delivery dude. Just take questions, give frank answers.


    1. We know Joe is incapable of doing that, he isn’t fit physically or mentally. Sometimes when someone has a brain illness they tell the truth, just like Joe’s comment about having a lock on voter fraud. If we had an honest media, Joe wouldn’t be in The Oval Office.

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