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George W. Bush: Stranger in his own Party

George W. Bush is lost. He now finds himself favored by liberals who blasted him as dumb and evil during his years in office. Apparently, he’s forgotten about that, becoming buddies with the Obamas and others among the Woke. Sad to see.

It was once thought W, reformed of alcoholism with a devotion to Christianity, would be quite different from HW, who was the emblem of corporatist, socially liberal Republicanism. But he was just a chip off the old block

According to the Washington Examiner:

Former President George W. Bush finds himself in unfamiliar territory: yukking it up with liberal late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and being feted on other television shows on which celebrities are feted while casting a quizzical eye at the party he led during two terms in the White House.

Bush found himself having to walk back an assessment of the Republican Party he gave early in his latest book tour. “I would describe it as isolationist, protectionist, and, to a certain extent, nativist,” he told NBC’s Today show. The 43rd president, out promoting a collection featuring his paintings of immigrants, soon conceded he “painted with too broad a brush.”

“Really what I should have said — there’s loud voices who are isolationists, protectionists, and nativists, something, by the way, I talked about when I was president,” Bush told People magazine.

When Bush was president, Republicans who disagreed with him on foreign policy, trade, or immigration were outliers within the party . . .

But the most recent Republican president, Donald Trump, disagreed with Bush on all three policy areas . . .

“That was some weird s—,” Bush reportedly said after attending Trump’s inaugural address in 2017. The son of a Republican president and grandson of a Republican senator hasn’t seemed quite as comfortable in the party since. He recently said he wrote in former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for president last year.

5 thoughts on “George W. Bush: Stranger in his own Party”

  1. There’s nothing “Woke” or “Progressive” about democratic policies. I just took a survey in school where the “What is your Sexual Orientation?” question had 8 responses and the Gender question had 6. These politicians supporting this behavior, even with the new Biden policies with the pronouns and all that bull, are Digressive and Asleep. They are dysfunctional, demonic idiots.

    1. Asexual (huh?)
    2. Bisexual
    3. Gay
    4. Lesbian (isn’t a lesbian “gay”??)
    5. Heterosexual
    6. Pansexual (someone who is sexually attracted to Pans?)
    7. Queer
    8. Questioning/Unsure
    9. Preferred Response, please specify

    1. Gender Queer (whatever that is)
    2. Gender Non-Conforming
    3. Man
    4. Questioning/Unsure
    5. Transgender
    6. Woman
    7. Preferred Response, please specify (I was tempted to write Piece of Broccoli here)

  2. The only Bush family member I liked was Barbara, the first FLOTUS.
    Her husband, George I, is responsible for the horrible Arab wars that are still going on in the Middle East. We had them! got the upper hand! could have changed everything in the ME, but he said ‘com’on home troops, Saddam is finished’.
    His son, George II, wasn’t much better.

    Why can’t we, the USA, be as tough, as loud as our enemies? Why must we always fold our tents , say sorry, and go home?

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