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Biden plans massive expansion of the IRS

President Biden’s “American Families Plan” apparently involves inviting federal agents to visit America’s families and comb through all their finances.

President Biden wants to pay for his new $1.8-trillion socialist spending proposal — to be distinguished from his previous $2.2T “infrastructure” plan and the $1.9T Covid relief bill — by spending $80 billion to expand tax enforcement by the IRS.

Seems like the only police the Biden White House loves are the ones at the IRS.

So the Deep State will get a little Deeper.

According to the Washington Post:

White House officials plan to make a massive increase in enforcement at the Internal Revenue Service a central component of the tax proposal they will unveil this week alongside a $1.8 trillion spending package, according to four people briefed on the matter.

President Biden’s “American Families Plan,” set to be released ahead of the president’s joint address to Congress on Wednesday, calls for devoting hundreds of billions of dollars to childcare, universal pre-kindergarten, and paid family and sick leave, among other domestic priorities.

The tax side of the plan to pay for those efforts includes increasing the amount of capital gains paid by investors above $1 million, as well as increasing the top income tax rate.

But likely the single biggest source of new revenue in the plan comes from dramatically expanding the clout of the nation’s tax agency. It seeks to beef up the number of agents and give the IRS new tools and technology to execute collections and crack down on avoidance, the people said. White House officials have eyed raising as much as $700 billion from toughening IRS enforcement and auditing over 10 years, two of the people said, although the precise amount in the plan remained unclear. Enforcement will be focused on wealthy Americans, the people said.

The people spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private administration deliberations. Officials cautioned the plan had not been finalized. White House officials are looking at increasing the agency’s budget by $80 billion over 10 years

10 thoughts on “Biden plans massive expansion of the IRS”

  1. So, Lois Lerner types will be entering our homes?

    This is heading toward communism — more chances for the heavy hand of government to exert control. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” type stuff.

    Hopefully the weak kneed, yellow bellied, lily livered turncoat Republicans will stand up to this.

    1. Republicans better step up?! You demons voted for him, remember? And he won by a victory landslide too…ya right! That’s your pResident, not mine. Any stepping up should include all people who love this country along with its constitution. Americans shouldn’t be divided along party lines. United we stand, divided we fall. I would love it if we all stood together as Americans always do during a crisis. And this is a crisis!

      Americans against the Biden Crime family, along with all the reject hoodlums of his racist administration, need to be assertive in rejecting this takeover of our country before it is too late. Time is ticking away, and every passing day brings us one step closer to Obiden’s world of communism!

      Obama, you started this! Hope you’re comfortable in your $12,000,000 house!!

  2. Another example of the Democrats using the IRS. When Clinton ran for the 2nd time the IRS sent me a refund of a small mount of about $125. It wasn’t enough to buy my vote. Then as Teresa pointed out Lois Learner prevented the TEA Parties from getting NGO status during Obama’s Administration. And now Biden.

  3. So THAT’S what they mean by creating new jobs… uh huh.

    Norquest was on with Maria B this morning. I hope I did not hear this accurately:
    the new American Families Plan will tax the gain on residences upon death.
    Currently your residence transfers to your heirs at the current, stepped up value with no tax.

    Current: You buy a house for 200k. 40 years later you die and bequeath the house, now valued at $500k, to your heirs. They can sell it the next day for $500k and no tax due.

    JB’s Plan: the IRS values the current value at death and regardless of if you hold it or sell it, you owe cap gains tax on the increase in value. Assume a 33% tax. In this example, the HEIRS would pay $100,000 in tax.

    This is essentially taxing wealth, not income.
    And it will affect ANY home that is in an estate.
    This bangs many regular families. I hope I have this wrong.

    I call it grave robbing.


    1. You heard accurately, Harv . . . this is something the Dems have talked about for years. They don’t want anybody to accumulate any sort of assets or wealth — in their sick and twisted way of thinking, they consider it somehow ill-gotten (similar to Obama’s “You didn’t build that” nonsense). So, if they can’t punish you directly, they will punish your heirs.

  4. So besides having taxes withdrawn by payroll, The IRS will come into our homes to personally empty our wallets! Will these agents be looking for legally purchased (& licensed) guns, as well as religious items such as Bibles & Torah’s? Will The IRS demand that we have photos of Fauci on altars? Are they going to see that we are masked inside our own homes. Can we assume Al Sharpton be getting IRS agents sent to his house? Has Sharpton paid his back taxes yet?

  5. Yes, swamp creature Lois Learner got away scot-free, retiring with great federal gov’t benefits. The IRS was also used by Obama to give all conservative groups and religious groups a hard time by maliciously delaying forever their non-profit status.

    The IRS is an extremely powerful agency; this is how they got Al Capone way back. No investigative or intelligence agency could get him but the IRS did! The Demoncrats know this; this is why they use the IRS as a weapon to the maximum level possible.

    The deep state, swamp creatures from the Clinton and Obama administrations are back …. this time with a vengeance. Woe to us, the average, hard working, tax-paying American citizens, businesses and any entity not falling in line with the new Communist Demoncrat Party ideology. The pelosi/schumer/biden axis of evil marches on, trampling on us as they march on and doing so shamelessly and with glee as will be shown at the (un)State of the Union address.

  6. Anyone foolish enough to think the legacy GOP will actually fight this is whistling in the dark past a cemetery — the one where your freedom is buried.

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