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Putin means business in Ukraine

Good afternoon, this is from a piece I wrote that is running today in The Hill:

“Last week, Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), told the Senate Intelligence Committee that DIA has no idea why Russian President Vladimir Putin has mobilized troops near Russia’s border with Ukraine. “We don’t know what the intent is right now,” he said. This is disappointing, considering American taxpayers shelled out $23.1 billion for military intelligence in 2020 alone, but it’s hardly surprising.

“Putin’s strategic goals are to reestablish Russia’s geopolitical dominance in Eurasia and to weaken its primary strategic adversaries, the U.S. and NATO. Putin believes that U.S. democracy promotion policies in Ukraine and other former Soviet states are a mortal threat to his regime and Russia’s security. Democracy is misunderstood by many Russians, and Moscow’s leaders see it as chaotic and destabilizing. Having modernized Russia’s military and warfighting strategy over the past decade, Putin feels confident about Russia’s return as a “great power,” even if he has to spar with Washington. Russia’s security strategy is more dangerous now than during the Cold War.”

I hope you have a few minutes to read the rest of the piece here.

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3 thoughts on “Putin means business in Ukraine”

  1. I just read your article in The Hill, Rebekah. You provide insight on the Russia situation that only very few people can. I look forward to reading your book which I believe is being released this summer.

    The Russian history, both past and present, is something I’ve always had a great interest in for reasons that I myself cannot explain. I am very familiar with Putin and his modus operandi.

    Putin is a modern day czar, a power-hungry despot who exercises his power in a cruel and oppressive way.

    He is arguing that he does not want Ukraine “controlled” by the West for fear that Russia might be next. This is only a cover for his real purpose. His real purpose is that if Ukraine totally aligns itself with the West and Ukraine prospers (like Poland has) that this might spill over to Russia; this is a threat to his power and control. That is what he is defending; this is what all this is about not to mention his goal of destabilizing Europe, NATO and the USA.

    Ukraine is an independent nation. It is no longer under of yoke of Putin. Putin is extremely displeased to state it mildly. He no longer has control of Ukraine like he did before, like he currently has over Belarus, a country just north of Ukraine.

    There is so much I can say but I will only say this; I feel for what is happening to the Russian people. Alexei Navalny is suffering much; he, like Ukraine, is a threat to Putin’s dictatorship. Therefore they must be dealt with, Putin’s way.

    I pray that things will work out for the Russian people. We are also having rather severe problems here in the USA thanks to the corrupt pelosi/schumer/biden regime. Dark clouds have descended over much of our planet. God help us all.

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