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GOP calls for Kerry to resign for telling Iran about Israeli covert actions

Resign, or maybe go to jail. Let’s see if the uproar in the press is what it would be were this one of Donald Trump’s advisers.

According to The Hill:

John Kerry, the U.S. special envoy for climate change, is facing calls for his resignation from Republican lawmakers and pundits for reportedly discussing Israeli military operations with Iran’s foreign minister when he served as then-President Obama’s secretary of State.

Republican blowback is running the gamut from calling for Kerry to leave his position as the top official addressing climate change to calling for an investigation and his prosecution. Biden administration officials are dismissing the allegations, saying the information Kerry allegedly shared was widely known at the time.

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) called for Kerry’s resignation in a floor speech, one of several senators to do so Monday.

“I don’t do this lightly. In my entire time in the Senate, I’ve never called for anyone’s resignation,” Sullivan said. “But his record, John Kerry’s record, of undermining working families and working against American national security interests was too much to bear. He needs to go.”

Never happened, Kerry says. Move along please, nothing to see here.

4 thoughts on “GOP calls for Kerry to resign for telling Iran about Israeli covert actions”

  1. The hapless Republicans couldn’t even take out the bloviating imbecile who currently resides in the White House. Kerry, loathsome scumbag that he is, has nothing to worry about.

  2. Nothing will happen. The Demoncrats stick together no matter what. They will defend jackass kerry just like they did Maxine Waters and other toxic Demoncrats who, if they had been Republicans, would have been crucified. The Demoncrats own the chairmenship to all the committees in both the House and Senate; they control the agenda. Republicans will get nowhere if they try to get some committee to initiate an investigation. The MSM will 100% support the Demoncrats as will the social media mob. It’s a sickening and dangerous situation.

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