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Border Patrol union chief says Biden is enriching organized crime

National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd Monday said President Biden is the top president we have had — when it comes to ruinous polices on the border.

This includes not just illegal immigration and suffering for those forced into internment camps, but an influx of drugs.

“Nobody has done worse on board security than president Biden. Nobody has done more to enrich organized crime than president Biden. Nobody has put women and children under more danger tham President Biden has,” said Judd.

“The fact that he is not coming to the border to address the issue shows that he has no answers for what needs to be done to solve this problem.”

3 thoughts on “Border Patrol union chief says Biden is enriching organized crime”

  1. The Border Patrol union chief said that biden not making a trip to the border shows he has no answers for what needs to be done to solve the border crisis. I don’t agree with this assessment. Why? Because biden and his enablers couldn’t care less about what is happening at the border; they don’t give a rat’s butt on solving the problem. They just don’t give give a damn. So why should they even consider finding “answers”? They have other things to work on like (1) helping Iran and (2) giving our billions to “low income” countries to make them convert to green energy, money which will go to enrich “low income” corrupt government officials and little, if any, to clean the environment

    I agree with the statement that biden is enriching the arms, drug and human trafficking cartels. This is well documented. These criminal elements LOVE biden. Why shouldn’t they?

    Innocent people are now suffering as a result of this biden-created crisis. Not only the illegals but Americans as well, Americans who will be exposed to uncontrolled spread of COVID by illegals. Americans will also suffer from increased flow of arms and drugs.

    There is only one word that describes a regime that purposely imposes pain, suffering and destruction, that word is “evil”.

    1. ABSOLUTELY AGREE! This crisis was by design, period. And this is what one should expect when you allow the fox to guard the hen house! Horrible people. Evil to the core.

      Who in their right mind would expect anything less from a loser with an almost 50 year career, that is absent of any productive successes whatsoever to speak of!

      Ya…I said it, LOSER OBiden…get out of our White House and take your cronies with you!

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