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AOC: Biden is even better than the left expected!

While Republicans, including even moderates like Maine Sen. Susan Collins, are lamenting President Biden’s lack of promised bipartisanship, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says Biden is turning out to be even more of a socialist than she expected.

A lot of people are attributing this to his left-wing advisers, pulling him away from his centrist tendencies. What centrist tendencies? Biden has always been liberal, never considered among the moderates in the Senate.

Sure, he’s probably being influenced by some of the leftists in his administration. And he probably likes it that way. He appointed them, after all.

8 thoughts on “AOC: Biden is even better than the left expected!”

  1. I didn’t listen to the clip … I don’t want to vomit. I am aware from various news reports that this mentally deficient woman is ecstatic with senile biden. She has a direct line to biden’s enablers in the WHouse. They are working hand-in-hand on EVERYTHING that this neurologically sick woman wants done to destroy our country. It’s pathetic, wrong, dangerous.

  2. America is divided in 2 parts. The big city poor/illegals who love big government and represented by the Left vs. the conservative “fly over” people who want a small government, lower taxes and fewer regulations

  3. I agree 100%. Biden has never been an independent thinker, or a unifier, ora nice guy (ask Clarence Thomas). He goes with his party, was ok with anti-black racism and is now ok with anti-white racism. His party is very radical now, and so he is.

  4. Because he is owned by the Chinese, as is his carpet snorting son! Btw…what happened to the investigation into Hunter? Just as I expected, another bullshit investigation. These traitors are exempt from any consequences despite the damage they’ve caused to the American people and to America herself! Disgraceful on every level!

  5. Biden is an incompetent windbag who couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a GPS. And that’s on a good day — of which he no longer has any. He does what he’s told.

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