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Biden calls for cutting greenhouse gas emission in half by 2030

Because, you know, whether it’s high taxes, regulations on business, or ever-expanding federal debt, the economy can take anything!

Coming soon to a Main Street near you: The Biden Recession. Of course, it may not occur until there’s a Republican administration, in which case the press will blame to GOP.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Joe Biden will commit the United States on Thursday to cutting its greenhouse emissions 50% to 52% by 2030 in remarks kicking off his climate summit event with world leaders.

Biden administration officials say the target, one of the most aggressive in the world, is achievable despite the transformation of the fossil fuel-dependent economy it would entail.

And they argue it’s necessary in order to keep the U.S. on pace for net-zero emissions by 2050, a marker the world must meet to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement to hold warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“As much as I would like to say we know what 2030 is going to look like with certainty, the reality is our ability to achieve continues to be improved every single day by innovation,” an administration official said on a press call.

The aggressive target is symbolic and nonbinding without being approved by Congress. But Biden hopes it restores U.S. credibility and pushes other countries to submit more ambitious plans to the United Nations as part of the Paris Agreement, which former President Donald Trump rejected.

4 thoughts on “Biden calls for cutting greenhouse gas emission in half by 2030”

  1. Biden should look at making hydrogen from coal. Hydrogen is clean burning and emits only water. Australia has a plant. They plan to export the hydrogen to Japan. Green house gases are produced when making the hydrogen. They plan to inject the gases in the ground.

    There are other interesting articles about hydrogen.

    Biden should also encourage other countries to plant as many trees. Destroying America is not the answer.

  2. As yes, the Paris Agreement, rejected by President Trump. When o-bum-a signed the Paris Agreement, over 170 nations signed up as well. Cleaning the environment is expensive and so I asked myself why would a significant number of poor nations sign up when they are poor, they don’t have the funds to engage in “environmental” cleaning. I never followed up on my own question.

    When President rejected it, he said “Read the Agreement. You will clearly see why it needs to be rejected by the USA” He said it’s only 10 pgs long. I then read it. President Trump was right. It committed the US to provides billions and billions of dollars to poor countries; the Agreement would also kill our energy industry. No wonder all poor countries signed up; these corrupt gov’t officials in poor countries would get wealthy and do nothing to clean the environment. To make matters worse, the worst polluters, china and india, are classified as poor, developing nations and are therefore exempt from many of the environmental “clean-up” requirements.

    But the evil biden regime, doesn’t care; they care only in satisfying AOC and the far left agenda regarding the fake environmental disaster they claim will soon come. All this is also connected to the so-called “infrastructure” trillion dollar bill. AOC admitted that this bill deals mostly with her New Green Deal.

    Enough said .. what these mentally-deranged people in charge of our Fed Gov’t are doing is dangerous, it’s killing our nation, in one word it’s evil

    1. I agree. I’ll even admit that these Dems are scaring us with their rapid, dangerous changes to our country. They want to take our cars, make us say the words they promote, believe the impossible, all the while taking our freedoms to say no, we won’t.

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