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Biden: Chauvin verdict displays US “systemic racism” for “the whole world to see”

The Chinese communists who are trying to undermine and destroy us could not have put it better.

But Derek Chauvin guilty verdict the murder George Floyd is not proof that there is systemic racism in this country.

Actually, this country is better than that. There is racism here. There is not pervasive, systemic racism.

But that’s what the left, and its champion in the White House, want everyone to believe. And they know that the more they repeat the phrase “systemic racism,” the more that people will  believe it.

And, unfortunately, the more that people will want to tear the the “system.” I mean, if it’s racist, why not?

Biden spoke to America Tuesday after the verdict.

“The battle for the soul of this nation has been a constant push and pull for more than 240 years, a tug of war between the American ideal that we’re all created equal and the harsh reality that racism has long torn us apart,” he said.
He urged people not to “look away thinking our work is done.”

Biden said we need “change and reform,” asserting, “This takes acknowledging and confronting — head on — systemic racism, and the racial disparities that exist in policing and our criminal justice system more broadly.”

12 thoughts on “Biden: Chauvin verdict displays US “systemic racism” for “the whole world to see””

  1. And yet, Chinese Viceroy of America Zhou Bai Den has been hanging around at the highest levels of that very same system, for nearly half a goddamn CENTURY, and now he has the utter balls, to blame the very “system” that he didn’t bother trying to fix this entire time?!

    What a complete crock of contemptible, craven codswallop!

    1. Not just that he didn’t bother trying to fox it, he actively worked to keep it. His current sanctimony doesn’t play among those ho knew him early on.

  2. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Bishop, Reverend Clergy, Mona and Marjorie, the entire Byrd family — if you didn’t already know it, it’s pretty clear the incredible esteem your father was held in. I know you’ve known that your whole life.

    JB at the funeral for Sen R. Byrd, KKK Member for decades.

    But no worries, JB is a uniter.


  3. AOC was reported to say the Chauvin’s verdict was not justice. Maybe taking Chauvin to the nearest tree and hanging him is??

    1. No, no, no wait for the military to start erecting guillotines in every Democrat city. Heads rolled in the middle of Paris only a little over 220 years ago and people think it can’t happen again?

      Of course, we’re doomed to repeat history. After the baby boomers and the old people are dead(Cuomo helped that along) no one will be left who knows anything about our history or world history much less remembers it.

  4. Like DJT or not, during Mr. Trump’s administration, it was ok to love and be proud of our country, fly the flag, and sing the national anthem. Be patriotic.

    We have gone backwards again with #46. These people seem to truly hate the USA.

  5. Last July I wrote a thoughtful letter to every Republican senator (via USPS) regarding several issues that were a concern to me regarding the direction of our country. One of the issues I addressed was systemic racism.

    As a teacher, I’ve attended more trainings on unconscious bias and systemic racism than I care to remember. I asked the senators to disavow the meme that America is systemically racist. Adding, “while we are not a perfect country, we have righted historic wrongs and have consistently moved toward becoming a more perfect union.”

    Interestingly, I never heard back from one senator.

    1. Teresa, it does not surprise me. I met a girl who was studying trademark & copyright law at Georgia Tech. One summer she worked as an intern for Newt when he was Speaker. She answered phones. Her instruction were to ignore the call if it was outside Georgia. If inside Georgia refer to their Congressman. If in Newt’s district be sure and take care of them.

    2. Teresa, it’s a sad and tragic commentary on these senators not replying to you.
      As to the training on unconscious bias, there was a huge 2 page article in the Wall St Jl recently written by a fellow who recently released a book called “The Quick Fix”. He goes into detail on this type of “training”. He provides proof that it is based on a theory by psychologists that has now been proved as unreliable and untrustworthy. In spite of this fact, it is still widely used throughout America in schools, universities, corporations, government agencies and other places. It’s aim is to convince “white” people that they are racists, that it’s in their subconscious and that it is the aim of the training to bring it to their conscious level, to acknowledge it and to support the “systemic racist” false premise. It all stinks to high heaven and it’s all part of the effort to destroy America as we know it .. an America that is, as you perfectly described it, not perfect but has righted historic wrongs and has done so consistently in time resulting in a more perfect nation.

  6. Not only do they seem and actually hate America as MARJOJIMBO and DARKANGEL have suggested respectively, I would also add they are out to destroy the America as established by our Founding Fathers, an America that has existed for over 200 yrs.

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