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Biden calls George Floyd’s family to offer his prayers

Now why wouldn’t President Biden allow our system of justice to play out and not use the executive branch to interfere with an ongoing trail by trying to influence the jury in this way?

Surely, the jurors will find out whose side the president is on. The phone call makes his desired outcome clear.

He does this because Democrats no longer believe in our system of justice, or any of our civic norms and rules, for that matter. Once you define everything as racist, it’s no longer necessary to abide by the rules. So why bother upholding constitutional standards?

According to The Hill

President Biden placed a call to the family of George Floyd on Monday as the country awaits a verdict in the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering him last summer.

Philonise Floyd, the younger brother of the deceased Floyd, said during an interview on NBC’s “Today” Tuesday morning that Biden phoned the family to let them know that they are in his prayers.

“He was just calling. He knows how it is to lose a family member and he knows the process of what we are going through,” Floyd said. “So he was just letting us know he was praying for us and hoping that everything will come out to be OK. That is basically it.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki later confirmed the call, tweeting that Biden “spoke with the family of George Floyd yesterday to check in with them and also share that the family was in his prayers.”


Biden said today, that his “praying” that the verdict “is the right verdict.”

Biden Tuesday claimed he had waited until the jury was sequestered. But there is no guarantee they won’t find out anyway. What’s more, the president is still interfering with the justice system. If the jury give “the wrong verdict,” Biden will be helping provoke riots and add to the distrust of our legal system. If Donald Trump called for the “right verdict” in a trial, liberals would be outraged, of course.

10 thoughts on “Biden calls George Floyd’s family to offer his prayers”

  1. I believe that this is a hypocritical politician whose aim in saying that they are in his “prayers” is, not a religious gesture, but a political gesture, designed to please a group of people whose votes and allegiance he desires. It’s strictly a self-serving act, an act NOT based on virtues or ethics or decent principles on which to treat ALL human beings. All of what biden has said and done in his long past history clearly reflect the principles by which he lives; those principles are those of the religion of his leftist political beliefs and ideology. This is not good for his principles and beliefs have induced a horrible division and fighting amongst us, the American people.

  2. Did Biden call the family of the 7yr old girl in Chicago, who was shot while in a McDonald’s drive thru? I suspect he did not, because black on black gang crime wouldn’t fit his agenda. Why should he go after gang members, when he can help crucify a white cop?

    1. Excellent point, OK LADY. Biden did not call the family of the 7 yr old girl in Chicago who was murdered because, as we all know, it did not fit his political agenda and therefore there was no need to put on his fake mask of pious religiosity to say “you are in my prayers”. It’s disgraceful that biden and his ilk will use, in a shameless way, religion to advance their political agenda. If these people have no respect for genuine religious beliefs, why would they respect man’s laws, that is, the judicial process?

  3. In responding to a motion, the judge in the case did a fine job of telling others to stay in their lane….. the president – any one – Trump included – should stay out of the process — the MN judicial whatever and others up to John Roberts should be slamming people for this.
    Whatever the verdict… it is the RIGHT one…
    Joe is a Dumb ___ !

    I don’t like Police Departments bragging on arrests with names etc.. I think Perp walks are prejudicial and against the standards of a fair trial.

    I know that unrest is the fuel of these government ‘leaders’ who then will help fix the problem… that they created.

    Everyone – is innocent and is only found guilty by a jury of peers… and those mobs need to be taught be a strong person not to break the law.

    Joe (and handlers) is not that person….

    Watch Reagan —
    1969 – Takes no crap. The leadership of the Air Traffic Control should have seen what was coming…. and sadly don’t know how he missed on border amnesty.

  4. Biden and Waters doing everything they can to ensure any guilty verdict will be overturned by appeal (and justifiably so for the defense!) Complete idiots.

  5. Rebekah, thanks for posting the update. So, Biden is praying that the court decision be the “right one”. So, the question that pops up is this, what does biden consider the “right” decision to be?

    Based on biden’s long well-documented history of what he has said and done, I believe we have a pretty good idea of what he is thinking the “right” decision to be. Biden is a corrupt political creature who bases everything on his political agenda, not on what is just, fair and virtuous.

    Another question: What else is biden praying for? Is he also praying that the family keep the faith, that God be with them in their hour of pain at the loss of a loved one? Did he verbally express these sentiments along with “I pray the decision is the right one”? If not, this would indicate he doesn’t care about the family, rather that he cares in advancing his political agenda and that he is asking God to join him in this crusade.

  6. Taking aside the notion of a kind gesture, which is what a private citizen would do, Biden’s prayers for this result were based upon his fear of rioting in major cities and his inability to quell any of it.
    The family of George Floyd has a right to mourn his loss.
    The country has a right to justice that is not swayed by heavy handed politicians.

    As Dershowitz noted, the appeal of this decision will be based upon the inappropriate comments of the President and that wig lady from LA


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