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Video || Psaki refuses to condemn Maxine Waters call to “get more confrontational”

This is contemptible.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California is irresponsible, everyone knows that. But here we have the White House failing to condemn what is effectively a call to violence by Auntie Maxine. Were this the Trump White House failing to condemn a Republican who did this, the stuff would certainly be hitting the fan.

On the other side, note CNN’s Kaitlan Collins meekly accepting the answer, with a “thank you.” She was a tigress when it came to the Trump people. There were no “thank you’s” when they dodged questions.

8 thoughts on “Video || Psaki refuses to condemn Maxine Waters call to “get more confrontational””

  1. I agree Rebekah, it’s contemptible; it deserves scorn. It won’t come from the corrupt biden administration nor from the equally corrupt press. That is why the CNN reporter gave a “meek” reply. They are all in this, the maxine waters of the world, the pelosi/schumer/biden axis-of-evil, the corrupt MSM, the social media mob, etc., etc., it’s a long list. They find nothing wrong with the maxine waters of the world BUT when it comes to us “deplorables” it’s a totally different ball game; the standards will dramatically change and we “deplorables” are to be harshly and loudly condemned if any of us are caught saying things like the maxine waters of the world. The maxine waters of the world and their enablers live in a world which is a sick, twisted world and they now have the power to demonstrate and verbalize their sick world and get away with it.

  2. Kaitlan Collins claims to be apolitical. She may have started at the Daily Caller, but now she seems quite comfortable swimming with the swamp.

    Instead of “thank you,” how about a Sam Donaldson type follow up question: With a history in our country of violent protests after controversial trial verdicts, by supporting Maxine Waters, is the president condoning confrontational violence?

  3. Maxine Waters does not give a hoot about Floyd. She cares about her image and keeping herself in the spotlight. She flew in from LA, makes an appearance and then excuses herself. She and Al Sharpton are one in the same, charlatans who prey on horrible events for personal and opportunistic gain.

    Shame on them

  4. All this sword rattling about “condemning” such and such statements by whoever is just part of the stupid problem. They’re all assholes who don’t give a rat’s ass about America, and everyone knows it.

    Maxine just did something that should get her tossed out on her keaster but it probably won’t happen. That is the problem with our country. People that vote for these scumbags need to stop being so stupid and realize these people are using them.

  5. I wish these elites like Maxi Pad Waters and huckster Al Sharpton would actually experience the real consequences of their actions. Have them or their family hurt by the mob. Have their homes torched by the mob. Have their families business destroyed by the mob. But it won’t ever happen. They live in gated communities. Maxi Pad Waters even requested a police escort to go perform her hate act.

  6. We must maintain law and order. Children throwing tantrums where police and citizens are at risk of physical injury is unacceptable. Damage to public and private property is unacceptable. All because they think their feelings are hurt worse than mine (I’m paying for the damage they cause)? If punishment is not deterrent enough, we need to get their attention. Make it cost them a lot more to engage in these antics. Start shooting criminals if they don’t cease illegal activity which risks injury to peace keeping officers and private citizens. We must maintain law and order.

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