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Live Stream || Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Suga press conference

Scheduled to begin at 4:15 pm ET.

3 thoughts on “Live Stream || Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Suga press conference”

  1. My observations on questions from press to biden
    1. Biden had a list of who to call on for questions
    2. Only two reporters were asked by biden to pose their questions, 1st to AP and then to Reuters.
    3. That was it, only two reporters. Biden then abruptly ended the press conference
    4. It was obvious biden was reading from prepared notes when “answering” the 2 questions
    5. After reading the answer to 1st question, biden then turns to the Japanese Prime Minister and says in a weak, mumbling voice “Mr prime minister, would you like to ask a question”. Biden then realized that he stumbled and murmured words in an effort to correct himself. Biden’s dementia was in full display
    6. Biden’s voice and facial appearance in “answering” the 2 questions made it clear that his dementia had set in; his face appeared very stressed; reading the answers was not successful in hiding his dementia issues.
    7. The 2 questions asked were soft ball questions, one on Iran increasing nuclear research and the 2nd question on gun control.
    8. In his prepared remarks, biden started with words about being tough on china but did not follow up, instead he quickly changed the subject to covid, climate change, a japanese golf player and biden’s mentor when he was in the Senate (who in the world gives a damn about his senate mentor????)
    My conclusions:
    1. The Question and Answer part was staged. It was obvious as hell
    2. The entire thing was a charade, a joke, an embarrassment to our country

    1. Spot on . . . and, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. With a complicit media, the charade will continue indefinitely.

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