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Iran advances uranium enrichment as Biden saves it from brink of bankruptcy

One of the Donald Trump polices that was working which President Biden abandoned, in addition to Trump’s success at the border, is the treatment of Iran.

Trump withdrew from the Barack Obama nuclear deal with the mullahs, which would have permitted them to have nuclear weapons, albeit with a slight delay. Trump’s idea was to either topple the regime or force it to give up its program by destroying it economically:

According to the IMF, it was working, as the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Iran burned through nearly all of its cash reserves in the final years of the Trump administration as harsh economic sanctions crippled the country’s economy and brought the hardline regime to the brink of financial collapse, according to findings published by the International Monetary Fund.

The Islamic Republic had $122.5 billion on hand in 2018 and just $4 billion by 2020, when the former administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign on Tehran was at its height, according to the IMF’s 2021 Middle East and Central Asia report, which tracks the region’s economies. Iran burned through $118.5 billion in two years, nearly depleting its cash reserves. The country’s coffers are forecast to grow by several billions in the coming years as the Biden administration moves to unwind sanctions as part of an effort to reenter the 2015 nuclear deal.

With Biden reversing he policy and begging Iran to talk to him, the Iranian leadership is upping its ante, perhaps to get another fantastic deal out Obama’s former vice president. According to the Associated Press:

Iran began enriching uranium Friday to its highest level ever, edging closer to weapons-grade levels to pressure talks in Vienna aimed at restoring its nuclear deal with world powers after an attack on its main atomic site.

A top official said only a few grams an hour of uranium gas would be enriched up to 60% purity — triple the level it once did but at a rate far slower than what Tehran could produce. International inspectors already said Iran planned to do so above-ground at its Natanz nuclear site, not deep within its underground halls hardened to withstand airstrikes.

This is what they can see. Imagine the cheating they’ve been doing on the original Obama deal underground.

3 thoughts on “Iran advances uranium enrichment as Biden saves it from brink of bankruptcy”

  1. This is an absolutely horrible situation, not only for us as a nation but for the entire Middle East region and ultimately for the entire globe. The same brain-dead obama people that agreed to the original agreement are back but at a greater level of stupidity, naivety and ignorance. These Iranians are not dumb. Just like the Chinese, Russians and illegals, they are not dumb. They will exploit every weakness of stupid, naive people like the biden corrupt regime. I better stop here before I get emotionally sick writing about it.

    1. Many of us are sharing that same sick feeling. Iran is one of the worst regimes there is, where women have no rights and gay people are put to death. Makes you wonder about Democrats who claim they support women and gays. All of us around the world, will suffer for this. The blame is on Leftist-Democrats, but especially on those people who could have stopped this by calling out this sham of an election.

  2. The Democrats are utterly determined to ruin all the good that President Trump did, just out of spite. How completely stupid and evil they are.

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