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“Unifier” Joe Biden fails to appoint any Republicans to his Cabinet

It’s a tradition that stretches back at least as far as George W. Bush. In a bow to bipartisanship, you appoint a member of the opposite party to a senior position.

Nobody has preached bipartisanship like Joe Biden. And no one has done less to foster it, as Biden plans to ram another huge spending bill through Congress without Republican support and names liberal activists to his administration.

According to the Washington Times:

“President Biden so far has not named a single Republican to his Cabinet and has stacked his administration with liberal activists, despite a campaign for the White House on a pledge to restore unity and bipartisanship in Washington.

“It’s also a break with a White House tradition that made his predecessors more bipartisan in filling top administration jobs. Each of the past three presidents had members of the opposing party in either high-ranking White House posts or Cabinet positions.

“Former President Donald Trump named two Democrats, Gary Cohn and Peter Navarro, to his White House staff upon taking office. Mr. Trump also appointed Steven T. Mnuchin, a onetime Democrat turned Republican, as his Treasury secretary. Mr. Mnuchin’s appointment in 2017 came just months after he donated to Kamala Harris’ campaign for U.S. Senate.

“Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush also had at least one or two bipartisan Cabinet members.

“For Mr. Bush, it was Norman Mineta, a onetime Democratic congressman from California, as transportation secretary in his first term. Mr. Obama had two well-known Republicans in his first-term Cabinet, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former GOP congressman from Illinois. In his second term, Mr. Obama named Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska as defense secretary.”

8 thoughts on ““Unifier” Joe Biden fails to appoint any Republicans to his Cabinet”

  1. The Democrats don’t care: “Unity”was just lip service and no one should have ever believed otherwise. They are playing to win — they want to ram through all of their radical policies and don’t care who gets in the way.

    The Republicans in Congress need to wake up, but I doubt they ever will.

    1. I agree with you Mr Pibb, They will ram thru all their radical policies and they don’t care who gets in the way. I also agree with you that Republicans need to wake up. I agree with you in the sense that the republicans need to speak out and do so continuously, passionately and forcefully to rally the American people to speak out against the radical left radical agenda, an agenda that will ruin our country as we know it.

      Unfortunately, the DEMONcrats stick together, they vote as a block and when a simple majority is all that is needed, they can get away with this radical agenda. There is a problem in the Senate when a 60 vote is required for passage. This is why they are working overtime to figure out ways to work around it and to eventually eliminate it.

      It’s a tough battle but it’s a battle worth fighting for. The survival of our country as established by our Founding Fathers is at stake.

  2. I have always said that the worst thing the democrats could get is exactly what they want. If they do cram through their agendas such as packing the supreme court and black reparations, they will lose a lot of support from their base. Also, the economy will become so poor that many people will finally see where this is all headed.

  3. If anyone cares, I nominate former US Senator Jeff Flake. He would fit right in with the rabid Dems. They can appoint him to take over from Harris at the southern border. Let him take the heat. He deserves it.

    1. Flaky Flake needs to have his head examined. He’s not all there.

      On a side note, there will be a legal case out of Arizona that will be heard by the US Supreme Court on 27APR2021. The case is Mark Brnovish, Attorney General of Arizona, et al vs Democratic National Committee (DNC).

      At issue here is an AZ law that prohibits ballot harvesting and out-of-precinct voting. Of course the far leftist DNC was pissed off so they sued. This case is now at the US Supreme Court level. Hopefully, the 5 “conservative” judges will stick together and uphold this AZ law. I don’t trust Chief Justice Roberts; this is why I say the 5 “conservative” judges need to stick together and rule in favor of this AZ law.

      This is crucial because one of the features of HR1 is to legalize ballot harvesting nationwide which which would force ALL 50 states to engage in ballot harvesting. The Pelosi/Schumer/Biden axis-of-evil is working overtime to get HR1 passed and signed into law.

      If the 5 “conservative” judges rule in favor of AZ and, depending on their wording, this decision may just make ballot harvest unconstitutional. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

  4. Let’s hope the 5 conservative judges rule in favor of AZ!

    Judge Roberts who pretends he doesn’t want the court to be political… sure makes it seem so. He and Flaky Flake must be wired the same.

  5. On another note, we all know Joe “ain’ in charge! Whatever group is in charge isn’t worried about “ unity”. I think the country is so divided that “unity” is a word like “decency”. Decency left most people about 10 years ago. The way people dress, address one another, and carry themselves, no decency!

    Unity is overrated at this point. Not decency though. That’s still underrated.

    My bigger concern is about the Supreme Court. If they pack the court that would totally change the USA into CPA aka Communist party of America!

    Hello Ma, goodbye Washington!

    1. George, you are exactly right. If the Demoncrats get away with what they want to do to the U S Supreme Court via the corrupt biden commission that he recently established, we are doomed. If the Demoncrats are successful, it will destroy the Supreme Court as an equal and independent branch of Gov’t. The system of the separation of powers in our Federal Gov’t as established by our Founding Fathers will be destroyed. It will lead to a communist type of Gov’t, one political party in total control. We will be, as you said, under the control of a chinese type communist gov’t. So, yes, welcome to total control of our country by the Demoncratic Communist Party of America.

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