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School refuses to rename itself after Barack Obama as Hispanics protests

It’s always delicious when political correctness turns around a bits its purveyors in the rump.

According to Fox News:

“Thomas Jefferson Middle School, located in Waukegan, Illinois, will officially undergo a name change as the founding father’s legacy as a slave owner continues to stir controversy.

“The school will now be renamed John Lewis Middle School, in honor of the late civil rights icon and former Democratic congressman of Georgia.

“The proposal to use the Obamas’ name sparked backlash among a group of Latino activists last month, who argued that the school board should be more conscious about the message it’s sending to immigrant families in the community given the Obama administration’s track record on deportations.

“Three million people were deported during Obama‚Äôs eight years in office. A Washington Post report in 2019 found that Obama deported far more in the first three years in office than did President Trump. The Obama administration deported 1.18 million people in three years, and under Trump, about 800,000 were deported in the first three years.”

5 thoughts on “School refuses to rename itself after Barack Obama as Hispanics protests”

  1. That is good news that the school will NOT be named after, in my opinion, the worst president in my lifetime. The rather sad news is that one of our great Founding Father’s name will be erased as the name of the school.

    1. PS … I took a quick look at this school’s website. With the exception of a few blacks, the fotos showed students who all look like students born somewhere south of our border. In the events calendar, it identified sessions to be held with parents, sessions to be held in …. spanish.
      PSS: With corrupt biden’s open border policy, US taxpayers better be ready to dish out more tax dollars to pay to enlarge the school, hire more bilingual teachers, etc., etc. Wonderful, isn’t it?

    2. I’m Canadian and I think it’s very sad that the men who built your country into the strongest and most prosperous country in history are being eradicated. Replacing your Founding Fathers with people who only very lately may have been civil rights supporters etc. is just wrong, in my opinion.

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