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Hunter Biden book not selling too well

It seems depravity doesn’t always sell.

Hunter Biden’s new book, “Beautiful Things,” is as of Thursday evening April 15 at #208 on Amazon. Not exactly a bestseller.

The book, about Hunter Biden’s addiction to drugs, of course got rave reviews from the MSM: “A memoir at once harrowing, relentless and a determined exercise in trying to seize his own narrative from the clutches of the Republicans and the press,” said the Washington Post.

A story of redemption and triumph over the evil Republicans and a few honest people in the press!

The public isn’t buying it. Literally.

He reportedly got a $2 million advance. His publisher will never get close to making it back.


5 thoughts on “Hunter Biden book not selling too well”

  1. Good news: Publisher will never get close to getting the 2 million bucks back. Bad news: Corrupt, cooked hunter is $2 million wealthier.

  2. On one hand if he is clean great for him. I wish him luck with that.

    I’ll give Joe credit for genuinely appearing to be a doting dad. Hunter isn’t like his dad in that respect. He has a child he doesn’t acknowledge, and to put his other children through the mess with sister in law… wow!!

    On the other hand he is as crooked as his dad. No one needs to read his “memoirs” to know all this already public stuff.

    Come on man!

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