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Psaki: Biden doesn’t agree with Rashida Tlaib call to end policing and incarceration

“That’s not the president’s view,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says.

She quickly adds that reforms are needed, the “Black community is exhausted from the ongoing threats they feel” from police, and so forth.

Is the Black community not also exhausted by the growing murder rate in cities across the country as police step back from doing their jobs for fear they’ll end up targeted for doing them?

Just imagine — we’ve reached a point where the answer to a question about whether the police should be disbanded and jails emptied isn’t, “That’s absurd.”


5 thoughts on “Psaki: Biden doesn’t agree with Rashida Tlaib call to end policing and incarceration”

  1. I have not seen any reports that Daunte Wright was complying with the officer or not. Why would the officer feel the need to use the phaser and by mistake use his gun. Does Tlaib want the looters to continue to run wild? Why are they protesting only at night?

  2. Perhaps I’ve been living in the Old SW too long, but I agree with the lady. The people will take care of the criminals, just like they did 150 yrs ago. A rope, a horse, maybe a rifle and a bullet, then justice. No due process, no attorney, no rules, no bail, no pleading, no nothing but immediate justice. The shopkeeper shoots the would be robber, case over. The men chase the rapist, hang him from a tree, justice.
    God-fearing men have been itching to take matters into their own hands for years, perhaps now is the time.

    1. That would be ok, however Joe & Company want to take legal guns (or means of self-protection) away from the very people who need them. There is an ongoing attack on The G-d given Second Amendment. What’s never talked about are the blacks who just want to live their lives but happen to reside in violent areas of Chicago, a place where black on black violence is non-stop. In some ways we are living in the Wild West, but with our own government working against us we’re living in Communist China.

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