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Biden claims credit for taking out Bin Laden after opposing raid

President Biden seems to have forgotten his lousy advice to Barack Obama not to make the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

No matter. He needs to suggest he knows what he is doing as he pulls U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

3 thoughts on “Biden claims credit for taking out Bin Laden after opposing raid”

  1. Remind me WHO opposed killing Bin Laden and WHO was #2 for 8 years and did nothing to scale down Afghanistan?
    Only a politician would think that delivering these remarks today, that no one would remember.

    But we do

  2. Joe will pull troops out of Afghanistan, but he’ll just put them somewhere else like Syria. Leftist Democrats have no respect for our troops, they’re considered the equivalent of little green plastic soldiers, they’re to be used and abused.

    1. I totally agree, Leftist Demoncrats have no respect for our troops, not to mention no respect for our country, our heritage, our Founding Fathers, our Constitution. As to Afghanistan, the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Queda and other evil forces are chomping at the bit for all US and NATO forces to leave so they can initiate their reign of absolute control, terror and destruction. There will much death and suffering by the common people of Afghanistan but the Leftist Demoncrats don’t care just like they don’t care about the suffering of Americans as a result of open borders and increased flow of drugs and arms, just like they don’t care about the coming suffering of Americans when jobs are exported overseas. These Leftist Demoncrats I can only described as heartless and evil.

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