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Biden to finally address joint session of Congress April 28

They’ve delayed this one as long as they can.

Barack Obama delivered his first speech a joint session of Congress on Feb. 24, 2009, and Donald Trump gave his on Feb. 28, 2017.

Every president back to Reagan has given their first address to Congress within 40 days.

Biden’s will be delivered just before his 100th day.

Remember, technically, the first address a president gives to Congress is not a State of the Union. Because I guess he’s not to be held accountable for the state of the union.

But Biden has already erased the border with Mexico and created a humanitarian crisis where the border used to be, so maybe he can talk about that. So far has been his major contribution to the state of the union.

4 thoughts on “Biden to finally address joint session of Congress April 28”

  1. First, sign as many executive orders as you can to utilize “pen & phone” governing, then ram thru a 5th “Covid relief” super-spender, next, change the definitions of infrastructure, equity, and bipartisan, and finally let we, the people, in on what the plan is going forward. And please have squinty eyes and a angry and/or condescending tone when addressing us!

  2. There should be a SOTU clock that keeps counting the days…..And of course the media ignores it…. they would have pounded Trump daily…. when when when.
    But not good ole JB…

  3. I will not be watching it. I don’t want to see self-righteous pelosa gloating in the background … I don’t want to see evil witch from the West camel-a grinning and even bursting out in her odious giggles … I don’t want to hear Supreme Liar and Hypocrite speak … enough said

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