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Biden admin trying to reach conservatives on TV via crab fishing, Nascar, CMT

Hmm. Seems like a little bit of stereotyping there!

Do they not think conservatives watch anything intellectual?

Do they assume they are holding the cat, or clinging to their guns and Bibles while watching these things on the TV?

3 thoughts on “Biden admin trying to reach conservatives on TV via crab fishing, Nascar, CMT”

  1. Everyone knows that White conservatives who supported DJT love NASCAR, fishing shows, religious shows and avoid TV favorites like NCIS, FBI or police dramas, never watch any PBS programming or documentaries about our planet or the universe.
    We tend to be uneducated, religious, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, BBQ lovers, sports fans, naive, deep in debt, and most of us have reptilian brains.
    Lookie here Red, your bunch are looters , rioters, snobs, educated but stupid, and worst of all believe that a sadly impaired man is actually leading our country.

  2. Hahaha. I’ve never been interested in racing cars, country music, or attending church. I do love cats, respect guns, and occasionally read the Bible. Oh yeah, and I’ve subscribed to The New Yorker for 20 years.

    Conservatives are hard to pigeonhole.

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