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One administration official gets honest: Migrant surge “unprecedented” and a “crisis”

It appears some people at some point just reach a point where they have to stop lying and changing the language.

According to the Washington Times:

The White House and Homeland Security may not want to call the border a “crisis” but the top health official in charge of caring for the massive surge of children is using the term, telling a federal judge the emergency shelters they’ve opened to detain the kids is delivering “a crisis standard of care.”

Cindy Huang, who runs the Office of Refugee Resettlement at Health and Human Services, called the number of children rushing the border “historic” and “unprecedented,” undercutting President Biden’s assertion that the current surge happens “every year.”

Ms. Huang said her department is so overwhelmed that that normal rules about facilities and care have gone out the window and they must cut some corners as they rush to open Emergency Intake Sites — known in government-speak as EIS.

“EIS are by definition temporary emergency sites, and are focused on providing a crisis standard of care until UC can be transferred to a better-resourced setting,” she wrote in a declaration filed with a federal judge in California.

The Biden team has fiercely defied calls to label the border situation a crisis.

5 thoughts on “One administration official gets honest: Migrant surge “unprecedented” and a “crisis””

  1. Can’t have honesty in this administration . . . I’m sure in a matter of days we’ll learn that Ms. Huang is leaving her job to spend more time with her family.

    1. Exactly what I was going to say in my comment Mr Pibb. Just one other quick comment regarding the statement “The Biden Team has fiercely defied calls to label the border situation as a crisis”. My comment is this: This is now the modus operandi of the far left, the woke, the politically correct mob which now seeks to control what words you are allowed to say and which words you are not allowed to say, in other words, curtailing our constitutional right to freedom of speech. These are dangerous people.

  2. You may notice that the Biden minions don’t drop too many illegal aliens in Arizona. In fact, they’re trying to get them out of our state forthwith to anywhere else.

    We have a history of not liking being dumped on by the Feds when they try to rid themselves of the pesky illegal aliens standing there with their hands out. 11 years ago, during the Obama term, we were overwhelmed with illegal aliens who needed more than we could give them and threatened to bankrupt our institutions . For the efforts of our State government who passed laws to arrest, detain and deport illegal aliens, we were sued by the Justice Dept, and boycotted by other states, corporations, sports teams, and anyone who didn’t like us.

    You had to be here, in AZ, to know what it was like then and how it must be at the border today. Thousands of illegal aliens who don’t speak our language, don’t understand our laws, mostly uneducated some illiterate, unskilled, sickly and dead broke who expected us to take care of them at our expense came here and this new group is no different.

    1. srdem65, I followed the events you described above very closely at the time it was happening. It was tough because so many forces were against the State of AZ, forces you named above. The judicial system for the most part was another force working against AZ. But AZ persisted and never gave up. For that, I give AZ much credit and great praise. By the way, your description of these illegals hits it right on the nail.

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