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Buttigieg after lying about job creation: “I should have been more precise”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was called out Sunday by Fox News’ Chris Wallace about his misleading claim that the Biden $2.2 trillion spending package would create 19 million jobs.

In fact, the analysis he and others in the administration are using to mislead us says the proposal would create 2.7 million jobs. Nineteen million  is the total number that would be created, with 16.3 million created even without the Biden plan.

And BTW, a PennWharton Business model analysis says the plan would raise the debt, lower GDP, and decrease wages.

5 thoughts on “Buttigieg after lying about job creation: “I should have been more precise””

  1. This bill isn’t about Infrastructure improvements, jobs, or any sort of growth. The only growth guaranteed is reliance on federal government!

    1. Right you are. The jobs “created’ to improve existing homes will end when the job is done. The same for the roads and bridges jobs.
      The only long lasting jobs come from the private sector.

      1. srdem65, GEORGE, you are both absolutely right. In addition to what you both wrote, a WSJ editorial on 5APRIL21 brought up another “issue” on this bill.

        The editorial started off by saying “When is a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill not really about infrastructure? How about when $400 billion would go to expand Medicaid payments for home healthcare, with much of that padding the rolls of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)?”

        The editorial concludes as follows: “In other words, Mr Biden’s $400 billion proposal is a political plan to use taxpayer funds to coerce states to expand SEIU rolls with cash that will then flow back to elect more Democrats. Ah, the wonderfully elastic political uses of “infrastructure”.

  2. Dems love to disguise spending binge plans by using terms like infrastructure, and investing in America. In tune folks see through the smokescreen.

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