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Biden administration ignoring child sexual assaults in Migrant facility: Abbott

Causing a situation in which children are suffering is an outrage.

Not acting when you are aware they are being sexually assaulted is a crime.

2 thoughts on “Biden administration ignoring child sexual assaults in Migrant facility: Abbott”

  1. You are right, Rebekah, this is an outrage and it even goes beyond that …. it’s a freaking crime! I don’t know about anybody else, but this behavior by the corrupt biden regime makes me raging mad and sick to my stomach. The corrupt biden regime behavior is a kind of behavior that can only be described as cold-hearted, compassionately- less, uncaring, arrogant, in one word, evil! This characterization by me of the corrupt biden administration also applies to the freaking MSM for they don’t consider this a “new worthy” story and therefore don’t report it.

    PS: I noticed Gov’r Abbott stated that his TX state agencies are not being allowed into the facilities. This reminds me of the NOV election where Republicans observers were not allowed to observe ballot counting. Evil knows no limits.

  2. I agree. I read an article that when families sent their girls from the Triangle they would give the girls birth control pills.

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