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Biden administration backs away from threat to boycott Beijing Olympics

Oops! We’re sorry! Hope no one was offended! Please keep making iPhones cheaply and sending us low-priced junk. Thank you.

According to the Washington Times.

The Biden administration sought Wednesday to tamp down speculation it is considering a boycott of next year’s Winter Olympics in China, amid growing pressure from human rights groups and the threat of a “forceful” response from Beijing if Washington tries to rally countries to pull out of the Games.

“Make no mistake, every country that sends a team to Beijing will be complicit in China’s worst abuses,” argued a new report Wednesday by the conservative American Enterprise Institute, claiming the Chinese government currently has about a million Uyghurs, Kazakhs and others detained in internment camps in Xinjiang. Beijing, the report argued, should be “stripped” of its privilege of hosting the Olympics.

State Department spokesman Ned Price suggested Tuesday that the administration has been in talks with U.S. allies about a possible collective boycott of the Games that begin in February 2022.

The department then scrambled Tuesday night to retract the comment, and on Wednesday, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki directly refuted it, telling reporters that administration officials “have not discussed, and are not discussing, any joint boycott with allies and partners.”

3 thoughts on “Biden administration backs away from threat to boycott Beijing Olympics”

  1. Carter was wrong in 1980. There is no equivalence between Georgia and China today. If you support the sensible election security reforms GA passed you should also support the non-state sponsored athletes hoping to compete. Jesse Owens wasn’t an agent of the US government when he ruined Hitler’s Olympics. MLB players will be paid wherever the all-star game is played. Potential Olympians may never have another chance to compete. Politics needs to be set aside here.

    1. If I recall Carter ban selling soybeans to Russia which hurt the farmers. I try not to buy Chinese products but sometimes I have no choice.

  2. We SHOULD attend the Olympics. And we SHOULD let Georgia decide how to run their elections. And I love baseball, watch it often. But the MLB is wrong. Not the players, the MLB. Boycotts do nothing. Support the good people of Atlanta by showing you care enough about the PEOPLE to continue to support them via commerce and sport. Moving it to Denver is plain stupid. Transferring $100m of anticipated revenue from a city that is more than 50% black to a city that is predominantly white, simply due to voting regulations? Bet that makes all the business owners in Atlanta VERY happy. Side note: they still do the tomahawk chop at Braves games, don’t they?
    What’s next? Should we restrict tickets to MLB parks based upon diversity? Want to see the owners finally get a backbone…try that. Good grief, thank God its Friday.

    Be well, all.

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