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Video || “Dog Whisperer” explains Biden’s biting dog

It’s not the dog’s fault. Major Biden, it seems, was not properly introduced to the White House.

Um, look at how big the dog’s jaws are. Someone introduce the dog properly to the place fast, or we may have some serious White House workers’ comp claims on the way.

Maybe start calling “Private” instead of “Major,” and see if its attitude changes.

6 thoughts on “Video || “Dog Whisperer” explains Biden’s biting dog”

    1. Yes, the media would be screaming for the head of Trump’s dog on a pike, if he had a dog that bit people. I would t want that for the Biden’s dog either, I don’t think the Biden’s are good dog owners.

  1. …. I enjoy your comments OK Lady; many times I bust out with a spontaneous and approving laugh. Unfortunately, with the demoncrats what’s funny quickly turns into fright. “Put Joe out to pasture” is funny but the thought that follows is frightening … and that frightening thought is this: extremely far left radical camel-a would move into the oval office … such thoughts are the seeds out of which nightmares are born.

  2. Poor Major! He’s a young dog, and German Shepherds need lots of attention and fun, playing ball with their people, going for long walks, in general getting enough exercise every day. I’ve had two German Shepherd dogs who never bit anyone, because they were trained properly. Was Major “trained” by Biden? If so, no wonder he bites!

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