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DHS removes press release about men on terrorist watch list nabbed at the border

Inconvenient facts?

According to the Washington Times:

Homeland Security has removed the press release announcing the arrest of two Yemeni men on the terrorist watch list.

The release was posted Monday, but by Tuesday morning it was no longer available. An archived version is still available at the Internet Archive.

“Why did you take down your previously public tweet & press release announcing that two people on the terror watch list were apprehended exploiting President Biden’s open border policies?” demanded the Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee.

The appearance of potential terrorists at the border amid the Biden-induced chaos raises a terrifying point. It’s not just illegal immigrants and drugs that are getting snuck in. Terrorists, bombs – nuclear? – and biological weapons also have an open door to run through while Border Agents are trying to take care of thousands of people sitting in camps, instead of watching the border.

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