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Biden and his aides are lying about the jobs created by his $2.2T spending plan

President Biden and his top aides have been lying about the number of jobs his $2.2 trillion spending bill will create.

A forecast by Moody’s Analytics said that over the next ten years, the United States economy would create 16.3 million jobs without the Biden spending program, and 19 million with it.

That’s not surprising. When the government spends money, it stimulates the economy. Conservatives argue for many reasons that usually, a better way to stimulate the economy is to cut taxes.

But as you can see, the net jobs created by the spending plan would be 2.7 million.

Here’s what Biden said: “Independent analysis shows that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs — good jobs, blue-collar jobs, jobs that pay well.”

Technically, that is true, because the economy will create those jobs. But it’s misleading enough to call out as a lie. Because, and the White House knows this, it sounds a lot like he is saying that the spending plan will create those jobs, since there is no mention of the number of jobs that are created anyway without the spending bill.

Others lied more directly, saying the bill itself will create 19 million jobs. That is not even technically true.

“The American Jobs Plan is about a generational investment. It’s going to create 19 million jobs,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

And National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, who as the top White House economic aide surely knows better, said this of the plan: “Moody’s suggests it would create 19 million jobs.”

Moodys does not. Moody’s suggests it will create 2.7 million jobs.

The lies are all documented below.

8 thoughts on “Biden and his aides are lying about the jobs created by his $2.2T spending plan”

  1. Remember all the “shovel-ready” jobs during the Obama years, plus Grandpa Joe’s “summer of recovery” that became an annual thing that never quite happened?

    This administration is like a bad TV rerun of those years.

  2. Excellent job in describing the situation, Rebekah. These people have no scruples in manipulating the facts, in deceiving the public, in falsely verbalizing and creating images in people’s minds, images that are as fake as the creatures of ancient Greek mythology. To what religion do they belong that allows them to freely and openly engage in such deceitful acts and feel not one iota of regret or discomfort. It is certainly not a religion that I or any decent person would want to belong to.

  3. The only jobs a government creates are government jobs. While taxpayer’s money can be disbursed to private enterprises to do a certain thing, the jobs created disappear when the certain thing has finished.
    The true job enhancements come from private enterprises making a thing or offering a service that the public will buy over and over.

    1. I totally agree with you SRDEM65. Unfortunately, the democrats believe that gov’t is the solution to all things and the way to do this is through spending huge amts of money, through extensive, job killing rules and regulations and other similar measures. The Democratic party has changed dramatically since JFK when he said “ask not what your country can do for you but ask what YOU can do for your country”. This belief has been completely reversed by today’s far left Demoncrats.

      Trump knew that the best way to create jobs was not by Gov’t but by private industry. Trump believed that Gov’t can help and work with private industries and businesses to create those jobs. He knew regulations had to be cut. He knew int’l trade agreements had to be revised to benefit the American worker, not foreign workers. He did all these things and more and our economy and employment boomed. All that is being reversed with the horrible actions being pushed down our throats by the current corrupt regime.

  4. Are there no “good white color jobs”?
    Why do we always hear about good blue color jobs, as if they matter more?
    And all those blue color jobs lost due to the XL Pipeline cancellation.
    JB said they should retool themselves or learn coding.
    But wait, isn’t that a white color job?

    I am so confused with their messaging….

      1. … Harv, I believe, confusion in their messaging is part of their game plan. The more the confusion the more difficult it will be to uncover the real purpose of their ultimate goals. To me, white collar jobs means, for the most part, the middle class. The demoncrats detest the middle class. They know a strong middle class is the key to a real, a true Democracy and a Great America. Democrats don’t want a true Democracy. That would interfere with their ideology and prevent them from maintaining power and control. They therefore will increase the “poor” by increasing welfare thus making them the majority and dependent on the demoncrat party’s “generosity”. This way, demoncrats can maintain power and control. This approach has worked exceptionally well for them in cities like philadelphia, baltimore, chicago and other places. They now want to make it nationwide. God forbid!

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