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Ruling: Democrats will only need 50 votes to pass Biden $2.2T spending bonanza

The Senate parliamentarian ruled Wednesday that the $2.2 trillion Biden “March to Socialism” proposal can be passed by a simple majority of the Senate, without the support of a single Republican.

Normally, only one spending bill a year can be passed under “reconciliation” rules, which allow senators to avoid a filibuster, which requires 60 votes to break.

But Schumer got to work and found a way to convince the Senate parliamentarian to rule that, on a technicality, they could run a second bill under reconciliation rules.

So forget about it, it’s passed. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia will demand a few changes so he can tell his conservative voters that he did something. But in the end, he is not going to get in front of this train.

So they’ll get 50 Democratic votes and Vice President Harris will happily cast the tiebreaker.

6 thoughts on “Ruling: Democrats will only need 50 votes to pass Biden $2.2T spending bonanza”

  1. Don’t just comment here, please contact your Senators! All take a tally of their constituent responses, which helped kill GW’s amnesty-ish idea. My two are Dims, but I wrote them against HR/S1 and will on every over-the-top bill proposed. Every pol is listening in order to win. Write!

    1. RJ good point.

      I’d like to bring up what we know! Democrats have no moral compass and will do whatever it takes to pass what they want at the expense of the country, with no pushback. Republicans, since they’re the only pushback available, need a better and more vocal face on capital hill! Of course part of the reason Republicans don’t get the same time as Dems is the media’s fault.

      Schumer and Pelosi aka The Joker and The Scarecrow have completely taken over the capital, while McConnell aka Batman is in his Batcave quivering from fright! McConnell needs to be replaced.

  2. This must be what it’s like to live with a compulsive gambler who has spent all we own, is diving into deeper debt, and is borrowing money from Loan Sharks, Inc.

    1. Exactly my thoughts, srdem65. When the “compulsive gambler has spent all we own”, there will pain and suffering. That means that our grandchildren, children and perhaps some of us who are still young enough will suffer much once our dollar becomes worthless. History shows this can occur rather fast for once confidence worldwide in our dollar collapse, the entire financial system will collapse rather quickly resulting in horrible misery and suffering. The Chinese will waste no time in taking advantage of the situation to accomplish their goal of worldwide domination. We live in very dangerous and dark times all as a result of a rigged election.

  3. “…in the end, he [Manchin] is not going to get in front of this train. ”

    The Senator from the great state of (almost Heaven)West Virginia talks the talk, but in the end he walks his party’s walk. President Asterisk just appointed Manchin’s wife to some sinecure post on some obscure do-nothing commission or other, so Manchin’s not going to forget who buttered his bread.

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