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Chris Wallace calls out WH economic advisor on spending bill’s “infrastructure” label

The Biden administration is calling its massive $2.2 trillion spending program an “infrastructure” bill so that Americans are fooled into thinking Lunch Bucket Joe is filling up the potholes and building new bridges.

But as Chris Wallace rightly notes to White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, most of the proposal has nothing to do with pavement.

Deese puts on a hilarious act, pretending that as long as you put the word “building” in front of something – even if you are building social welfare programs – it’s infrastructure.

Reminds one of how Democrats years ago cleverly decided to start using the word “investing” instead of “spending” to describe federal welfare programs.

Wallace also notes another game the White House is playing – paying for eight years of spending with 15 years of taxes, revenues which of course will never come in and which will have to be assessed by a future administration, even if Biden serves two terms.

And they called Trump dishonest!

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