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Biden objects to baseball in Georgia but not the Olympics in China

Joe Biden assertively backed taking the All-Star Game out of Georgia because he disagreed with a voting bill there that continues to allow Georgia citizen to vote on Election Day, well before Election Day, and by mail with incredible ease.

And yet he thinks it is a “Jim Crow” law. Which is a terrible insult to those who suffered under actual Jim Crow.

The 2022 winter Olympics will be held in Beijing. The People’s Republic of China has NO voting, oppresses and tortures its citizens, and is committing genocide against a minority group there, the Muslim Uighurs.

How can he possible support having the Olympic in Beijing if he is going to take a baseball game out of Atlanta.

The Wall Street Journal notes:

“Mr. Biden objects to Georgia’s new voting law as an “atrocity,” though it offers more avenues to vote than New York and Delaware, among other states. The President is so offended that he asked a sports league to boycott an American state, doing economic harm to the Atlanta area, and essentially smearing the state Legislature as bigots.

“We can’t wait to see what the U.S. President is going to say about China’s voting rules. There are no lines at polling places in the Middle Kingdom because there are no polling places, no absentee ballot controversies because there are no ballots . . .

“Perhaps Mr. Biden can compare the voting rules in Georgia to those in the re-education camps in Xinjiang province. His own Secretary of State says China is committing genocide against the Uighurs.”

3 thoughts on “Biden objects to baseball in Georgia but not the Olympics in China”

  1. What I’ve seen of the GA voter bill is that it is reasonable. CA uses driver’s license for I.D. They also require all driver’s to have a license which includes illegals. Supposedly for insurance purposes. The All Star move will cost Atlanta $100 million.

    1. The Georgia bill is more than reasonable. Personally, think it could be tightened up a little more. It still is less restrictive than many other states.
      One thing this bill did do was show how the corporate world has been taken over by leftists. The companies parrot the Democratic talking points, even when they are shown to be false. If Republicans get back in charge there should be some serious payback.

  2. So, this guy does not object to the Olympics being held in China. Of course not! Corrupt biden and his family made a fortune thanks to China. Why should he object? As to Atlanta, a significant number of GA business will suffer because of corrupt biden’s push to pull the All Star Game out of Atlanta. There will be suffering in all small business nationwide when his tax increases go into effect. There will be a lot of suffering of Americans when all the drugs and arms cross the Rio Grande and into the hands of our youth, all thanks to biden’s open border policy. Many Americans will suffer when our jobs are exported to China. In China, a lot of pain and suffering by the Uighers, by the Hong Kongese and Tibetans. But corrupt minded biden couldn’t care less! What of kind of human being is this?

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