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Biden Schedule || Monday, April 5, 2021

10:50 am || Departs Camp David
11:30 am || Arrives White House
1:00 pm || Delivers brief remarks on the “tradition of Easter;” Blue Room Balcony

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:30 pm

10 thoughts on “Biden Schedule || Monday, April 5, 2021”

  1. We have huge problems in America like the crisis, the suffering at our southern border. Yet, his only statement for the day is on “the tradition of Easter”. I wonder what approach he will take. Will he put on his fake mask to make people believe he is a person of faith, that he believes in the spiritual message of Easter? Or, will he focus simply on the secular aspect of Easter and proclaim that it’s a day to reflect on his efforts to unify a divided nation and along the way, either directly or indirectly, demonize Trump? Or, will his words be so void of anything of substance that it all means nothing? We will see.

  2. I had to read this 3 times…. talking about the tradition of Easter, on Easter Monday… got it… close, but wouldn’t it have meant more if it was delivered Saturday or Sunday? Sounds a bit trifle, but when you return to work after a holiday weekend and all you talk about is the meaning of the weekend that just passed, its sort of like when you have a 15 page term paper, and insert less than meaningful sentences to fill the space, just to get to the finish line. Not that I ever did that, wink wink.

    And liftoff at 1050am…. You had the weekend to rest up, get on the darn chopper and go to work, don’t dither away the morning. I was at my desk at 745am today…and I hit traffic on the way to work…. Just sayin’

    1. I’m with you Harv. “President” Biden waits until Monday afternoon to talk about “tradition of Easter” why couldn’t he have said something on Good Friday? Btw, did he say anything about the “tradition of Passover” last week?
      I wonder if he will talk about Easter egg hunts when he was a little boy…

    1. … a fake President, a dementia-inflicted President, a corrupt President, a hyper-hypocritical President, a lying President a President who is not our President for the election was rigged, stolen from a person the American wanted and voted into Office, President Trump.

  3. For those interested Dr. Biden about age 70 is dressed as an 80’s hooker (lace tights and leather) getting on a plane from CA. Citizen Free Press. Dr. Jill is living the life she only dreamed of!
    Sort of like Big Mo in the 0 administration….

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