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Biden “strongly” supports moving All-Star Game from Georgia over voting law

President Biden said in an interview with ESPN that he strongly supports moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta because of the state’s new voting law.

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly,” Biden told ESPN’s Sage Steele in an interview, which aired Wednesday night. “I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them. They’re leaders.

“Look at what’s happened across the board. The very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports, and it’s just not right,” Biden said. “This is Jim Crow on steroids, what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states.”

Biden has made false claims about the Georgia voting law. It doesn’t end absentee balloting, but it does say you need to provide identification, which is easily obtainable. You can also use the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Biden makes much of the prohibition on giving people on line to vote something to drink. But the issue here is that “helpers” are giving people something to think about. The provision is an attempt to enforce the electioneering law, which prevents advocates from coming within 25 feet of people on line.

You are, in fact, permitted to have a drink of water on line.

9 thoughts on “Biden “strongly” supports moving All-Star Game from Georgia over voting law”

  1. So how’s that water thing work: Does a supporter cozy up to a voter with a cold bottle of water and say “Psst. Fred Schmuck wants you to have this water, and he would appreciate a vote for him”?

  2. It’s sickening listening to this guy speak. Senility disappears when he exposes himself for what he really is, a freaking liar and a deceiver of the highest order. But, I must say, I was happy to hear that the GA governor signed into law legislation that will go a long way in fixing their election process. A little late for last NOV and JAN elections but better late than never. Had this law been in place back in NOV and JAN, the W House and the Senate would most probably be in Republican hands.

    1. I don’t trust the Governor of Georgia, sure he may have “fixed” part of the mess he helped create, but what is to stop him from doing the same thing again. According to Democrats, and RINOs, there are no rules EXCEPT their rules. As we all know rules can change depending on whether Trump is running.

      1. I agree with you, OK LADY. The GA governor and his Secretary of State are not trustworthy. Not after they way they treated Trump when he was trying to get them to do the right on the ballots. That was disgraceful what they did.

  3. “They’re leaders.” Embarrassing. Yes, disparage and disregard sensible reforms to elevate sports figures because bowing to the left is preferable to actually knowing what the legislation does.

  4. What happened to sports in America?! Why does everything have to be a political club used to beat you in to submission? Baseball is a divertissement; nothing more. Leave the politics outside the stadium! Please. I was a huge baseball fan; I used to live by the radio nearly every night listening to the Rockies. When they pulled their no-show act last year, I completely lost interest. Now, with the MLB wielding the club on Georgia, I may never come back. Is there any sport left that is not wallowing in wokeness?

  5. And now MLB is moving the game out of Atlanta . . . just like that.

    Face it, the Libs/Dems don’t mess around when they’re in power – they stick together and get what they want done. The Republicans have always been too soft, compromising and eager to please, often getting totally steamrolled in the process.

    Trump was the only exception.

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