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Video || CBS News describes kid migrants as being kept in “overcrowded purgatory”

A few things to note as this massive crisis spirals:

1. None of these news reports blame President Biden himself, even though he refuses to recognize that his policies caused the problem and won’t change them

2. The Biden administration is cleverly putting these children in plastic “pods” and not anything have to do with metal. But it’s obviously the same thing as being in cages.

3. The incoming Biden administration was warned specifically by Trump officials what would happen if Trump’s policies were quickly reversed. Trump officials thought the message had gotten through. They were wrong.

Very sad new video here.

4 thoughts on “Video || CBS News describes kid migrants as being kept in “overcrowded purgatory””

  1. This is heart wrenching, a lot of pain and suffering thanks to the evil actions taken by biden and his handlers. Trump prevented all this from happening but he is still being demonized by evil demons of which there are many. The only winners in all this are the Mexican cartels who are taking full advantage of biden’s evil actions to enrich themselves. Evil working with evil. American suffering will increase due to increased flow of drugs and arms. This issue is so exceptionally bad and wrong that I went ahead and used a word that I feel best describes it, evil.

  2. I don’t expect the political party and it’s minions to care about the welfare of these abandoned, abused children. They have no regard for life in the womb, so being born is just a hurdle to killing the stranger’s children.
    The parents of these children don’t seem to have much concern for their children’s welfare so that sending them 2,000 miles from their home to live with strangers is no big deal.
    Adults from every aspect of the issue of illegal immigration are using the children as props for their agendas. All of them pretend to care, but none of them reach out and take even one child to a safe place, help to find their family, or assure them they can go back home.

    1. Let me explain: Suppose you walk past a strange sight – 20-25 children between the ages of 8 and 10 are penned inside a plastic kind of holding cell. There are no beds , no chairs, no adults with them inside the cell, but there are plastic mattresses on the floor and foil-type blankets. Some of the children are crying, others staring ahead saying nothing.
      What do you do? Do you take a photo and go home to show others what you saw, or do you rip open the plastic, let the children be free, find someplace safe to take them, and call the police to find the people who abused those children?
      18 US Senators, one step below the President, saw these children in peril, took photos, talked about compassion, then went home. If they had released those children, demanded action by the local police to find the abusers, and did all they could to send these children back to their parents, this whole horror story would be over.

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