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Video || Biden nearly falls down on the stairs again

I mean, who’s brilliant idea was this? No hands up the stairs in the rain? I’m not sure I would have tried it.

This was a slight trip, but nearly a catastrophe, could have been worse than last time.


Not sure what happened here . . .

7 thoughts on “Video || Biden nearly falls down on the stairs again”

    1. I think it was a body double going up the stairs, also. That guy is not frail enough. They would NEVER send him up the stairs in the rain with an umbrella and bag. I have never seen any President do that.

      1. Never seen a President carry anything other than (maybe) a book, but I do think it’s Biden. Maybe they gave him the bag and umbrella hoping he would fall.

  1. Why is the interloper Slow Joe carrying a heavy bag? I thought as POTUS he would have people to do this for him. President Trump always had people to carry his bags.

  2. At Biden’s age it is pure stupidity for him to walk up that flight of stairs carrying a bag in one hand and using his other hand for the umbrella. Just trying to be Joe cool and to let us think he has no physical issues, wonder if he was wearing his aviator glasses in the rain.

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