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Twice as many children in Border Patrol custody under Biden than Trump

Somehow, it’s okay that these kids have been separated from their parents, because it is President Biden doing it, and not Donald Trump.

The separation occurring under President Biden is different only in that it is happening on the other side of the border, with parents making the decision to let their children cross alone because they correctly perceive the Biden administration as more welcoming of illegal immigrants. By this point, Biden knows his policies are causing this, but he refuses to change them. So how is that not cruelty?

According to the Washington Examiner:

“The number of migrant children being held in Border Patrol facilities is more than double the record that was set in June 2019 during the Trump administration, the Washington Examiner has learned.

“As of Sunday, 5,767 unaccompanied minors were being detained inside cells at Border Patrol facilities near the U.S.-Mexico border. In comparison, only 2,600 children were documented in custody at the height of the 2019 border crisis, according to federal data exclusively obtained Monday evening.

“The figures underscore the magnitude of the situation on the border, which President Joe Biden and Democrats have refused to recognize as a ‘crisis.’ The number of children in Border Patrol facilities is also far higher than the number of children separated from their parents under President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” initiative that mandated children be taken from their parents so that the adults could be prosecuted. In other words, Biden is presiding over more unaccompanied children in government custody than when Trump intentionally separated migrant children from their families. Federal data for the end of Trump’s tenure were not available.”

5 thoughts on “Twice as many children in Border Patrol custody under Biden than Trump”

  1. There’s a lot of illegals waiting on the Mexican side of the border waiting to be allowed to go into the US for processing. Like you’ve said before Rebekah, these people are not stupid. As soon as they learned senile joe was president and that he is now allowing children to enter the US, the adult illegals waiting in Mexico wasted no time in releasing all their kids into the US. Hence the flood.

    Our Border Patrol are no longer Patrolling our Border; they are now U S Taxpayer funded full-time baby sitters of illegal kids. No outcry from the freaking press on family separation. Not a peep from Pelosa, AOC and their ilk about the “immorality” of family separation. Nothing … senile joe caused it but he is a fellow DEMONcrat so the veil of silence reigns supreme. The entire situation is disgusting.

    PS These non-stupid adult illegals know that, at some point in time, sick senile joe will open our borders to illegal adults. At that time they will go join their kids already in the USA. At that time, the veil of silence will be lifted; the press, all DEMONcrats and their supporters will widely and loudly praise senile joe for showing compassion in getting families together. Disgusting!

    1. It seems like this is all deliberate, part of a nefarious plan to destroy the United States. Surely there must be thousands of Americans who now are very sorry that the election was stolen and President Trump is no longer in office.

      1. Exactly my thoughts, Celtic Queen. There appears to be a plan like you said. Not only deliberate and nefarious but also well organized, well financed. Trump was in the way; they had to get rid him which they did by rigging the election.

        The end result of this plan is the downfall of America. The plan right now as I see it is ……
        (1) Massive influx of illegal foreigners,
        (2) exporting our jobs abroad,
        (3) killing our energy industry,
        (4) massive deficits which will eventually make our dollar worthless,
        (5) control of speech via Big Tech, social media and main stream media,
        (6) the granting of our national powers to globalist int’l agencies,
        (7) the re-education of our youth that this is a racist nation and that our founding fathers and our Constitution are to be condemned because it’s a product of white supremacy
        (8) the remaking of America as fully spelled out by AOC, Pelosi and schumer
        All of that will lead to America’s destruction. China, Russia and will step in and woe to the world when that happens.

        But something has got to happen so that this plan fails. I don’t know that something is. It’s gotta be something. I think Devine Intervention may have to play a role for this something to be realized.

  2. Excellent, excellent article in today’s (March 30) WSJ on this border crisis issue. The article is entitled “Biden’s Border Crisis, Up Close”. It’s an eye opener. The Mexican cartel is in control of the entire Mexican side of the Rio Grande. The article describes how they are exploiting Biden’s so-called “humanitarian” policy to enrich themselves by using illegals, inducing great pain and suffering on the illegals up to and including death. The cartels will purposely send a big group of illegals across the river on a raft, tilt the raft, causing the Border Patrol into a massive rescue mission. While the Border Patrol is distracted, a few miles away upstream, the Cartel will transport drugs, cash and arms into the US. The cartels are greatly profiting from Biden’s freaking policy. They must love senile joe. And, we as a nation, will suffer more from increased flow of drugs and arms. But senile joe cares not …….

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