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Major Biden bites again

Major is President Biden’s three-year-old German Shepherd. Monday, for the second time, it bit a White House employee.

Last time it was the Secret Service. This time it got smarter and bit a gardener, armed with only a hose instead of a Glock 47.

Biden has said the dog is getting used to its surroundings. There’s another possible explanation, though: The dog bites.


9 thoughts on “Major Biden bites again”

  1. Typically if you get an out of control dog and you aren’t willing to train it, you can have someone else train it. German Shepherds are very smart dogs and one of my favorite breeds. The Biden’s are extremely wealthy through corruption and certainly can well afford to send it to be trained.

  2. I know, Jen. I love German Shepherds too! Although, now we have a border collie and a maltipoo who we adore. Maybe our next doggie will be a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois. No idea why the Bidens wouldn’t hire a competent trainer for Major.

      1. The dog is a Democrat too. It was born blind so was a Democrat then when it got its eyes open he was briefly a Republican then when Joe got him he returned to be a Democrat. The dog gets all of its food, shelter and medical care for free..

        I like poodles.

  3. Not being a dog or pet person, but maybe this is what happens when you have subjects that you ignore for years. They eventually figure out the scoop, get pissed, and bite back.

    and then there is the dog issue.


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