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Video || Migrants kept fenced in under a bridge

What a mess.

These people are being “housed” under a bridge.

Imagine if the press said something like this: “President Trump was so compassionate. He eliminated this kind of thing. Mean President Biden is keeping people fenced in outdoors. What kind of policy is this? Where was the plan? Where is the plan for dealing with it?”

Just imagine.

4 thoughts on “Video || Migrants kept fenced in under a bridge”

  1. Tough. Tell them to go home if they don’t want to live under a bridge.
    Where do they think they’d live in California? in a nice house, a new apartment?

    1. I had to come back.
      They’re not “migrants”, they are Mexican, Hondorus, Guatamalen , Indian, Iranian etc citizens, not American citizens. They don’t belong here. They should go home.
      There are thousands of American citizens living under freeways, living on streets, homeless, unwanted, no one cares to feed them, no one cares if they have a shower, and these ignorant, unwanted, illegal aliens are expecting us to care for them!
      Not happening.
      (too fired up to check spelling)

  2. IF all of the Republicans had stood together and demanded that the votes were indeed legitimate,THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! Biden told everyone what he would do if he got in, so why is this now a surprise? I don’t like that Democrats repeatedly cater to people who are not citizens, especially while our own citizens do without. TDS has consequences!

    1. Perfectly said, Oklahoma lady. Republicans did not stand together and some even worked with Demoncrats on how the ballots were to be handled which facilitated fraud. And yes, the corrupt biden administration caters and helps illegals; they give it much higher priority over American citizens. And, joe is not senile when he talks and takes actions to help illegals. We knew what was coming that is why he was not voted into office. It took a rigged election, a stolen election to drag him into the oval office. We as a nation and as citizens are paying a high price.

      PS: As I entered the community where I live, I saw a landscape truck with about 15 spanish speaking, young guys who looked like they just arrived from south of the border. The invasion is in full swing. I live in PA. Illegals should not be working in America. They are displacing jobs that should be offered to Americans, not illegals. Americans of all ages are suffering either directly or indirectly from this invasion.

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