In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


What would you ask Biden at today’s press conference?

Okay, let’s hear it!

Please head to the comment section and give us your questions for President Biden.

I’m sure they will be better and tougher than the ones he is going to get.

If it’s after the press conference, let us know what you would have asked.

14 thoughts on “What would you ask Biden at today’s press conference?”

  1. Mr. President, you and other Democrats have asked, regarding gun control, why Americans need an AR-15. My answer is, for the same reason why law enforcement needs AR-15s. My question for you is, with the 2nd Amendment being what it is, why do you think local law enforcement need to have a lawfully enforced firepower advantage against an individual citizen?

    1. Just heard his answers on illegal immigration. New question, “Does immigration law not apply to children?”

      “Does the President have the authority to ignore the law ‘if the circumstances tug at your heartstrings’?”

  2. I noticed he started a couple minutes early. Tells me he had no pressing business. Only a few of the same women asked most of the questions. He paused a few times. I think he might have had mind freezes. He is in another world. Blames Trump for the border and has plans to run for re election. He is so out of touch.

    1. I think he started about 10 minutes late. Medical staff waiting for drugs to kick in.
      Totally scripted press conference. All questions were prescreened and preapproved by WH staff. Only handpicked reporters allowed to ask any questions. Almost all questions were by female reporters for appearances. Questions written with premise that republicans are bad people….

  3. Who is really pulling your strings, Joe?
    If Hunter is allowed to have a gun, why can’t other Americans?

    On Joe saying he “missed” President Trump, I would have answered “Seventy-five million of us miss him as well!”

  4. Would you call John Kerry a “Neanderthal” for not wearing his mask aboard a recent flight? Many regular citizens have been banned from flying, for things much less than what he did. As Sen. Kerry put multiple people at serious risk of Covid, will be fired for his cavalier transgression?

  5. Why do you incite racist violence against white men, white women, and white children, including Jews, by embracing every black racist lunatic that you come across, and by lying about who most of the racists and criminals in America are?

    Why do you lie and pander so much? Do you think we’re stupid? Or do you just not care anymore?

    Are you possessed? We have never had an American president before who hates America so much and is doing everything he can to destroy it.

    What serious illness are you suffering from, what drugs are you on, how long have you had it, and who knew about this while you were running for president, but said nothing?

    Why do you hate America, and whites, especially Christians? People who look like you and your family?

    Do you agree with Harry Truman, when he said that, ‘anybody who gets rich from politics is a crook’?

    When you secured your party’s nomination for president, and the racists in your party told you that you better pick a black woman as your running mate, in a country that is only 12% black , after we just had a black racist president for eight years, why did you submit? And she’s not even black; she pretends to be because it’s advantageous to be black in America. Which gives the lie to all the talk about ‘white supremacy’, ‘white racism’, ‘white privilege’.

  6. Why should you and your family, and so many members of your administration, be protected by taxpayer-funded armed secret service agents, armed police officers, and armed military members, while you would deny the right of the average American, who is not rich and famous, to defend themselves?

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