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Biden blames Trump for the border crisis

The White House knows that this migrant crisis is a complete political disaster for Democrats that is causing human misery, a spike in illegal entries, and extra cases of Covid in the United States.

So they’ve got to try to make Donald Trump share the blame.

“This new surge we are dealing with now started with the last administration, but it’s our responsibility to deal with it humanely,” Biden said Wednesday.

“There was a serious spike in people heading to the southern border” during the Trump administration because there were natural disasters, crime, poverty, etc., etc.

Trump, Biden said, eliminated funding to deal with the crises in Latin America and “did not engage” in helping those countries.

Get it? The immigration surge is OUR fault because we didn’t help people with their problems.

As if we never gave foreign aid to Latin America. We give lots of countries foreign aid. Their problems are in their own cultures, though, and won’t be solved by throwing U.S. dollars at them.

Since Donald Trump didn’t focus on trying, as the U.S. for decades, to solve Latin American countrys’ problems for them, the surge is HIS fault. That’s what Biden is peddling.

3 thoughts on “Biden blames Trump for the border crisis”

  1. It all comes to this for me….
    You don’t build a wall because you hate all the people on the outside… You build the wall because you love all the people behind the wall….

  2. In a way, it might have been PresTrump’s fault. He helped create an economy that was booming, unemployment was superlow, jobs were waiting for applicants, things were really good. America was soaring into a great prosperity.
    So, here they are, living in a dead economy, nowhere to grow, no future for their children but more of the same, and just 1,000 miles away is Utopia! No wonder they decided to join us.
    Unfortunately, they didn’t get the latest news of just how awful things turned last year.

  3. The Democrats will continue to lie, and lie, and lie and blame everything on President Trump. Under President Trump the country was doing extremely well before the virus struck, and reasonably well in spite of it. When will the talking heads in the media stop lying and hiding the truth?

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