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Video || Kamala Harris upgrades border crisis to “huge problem”

Okay, the White House still won’t say that there is a crisis at the border, despite masses of children living in ungodly conditions. But it does now qualify as a “huge problem.”

“Look, it’s a huge problem. I’m not going to pretend it’s not,” Vice President Kamala Harris said Wednesday during an interview with CBS This Morning. “Are we looking at overcrowding at the border in particular of these kids? Yes.”

The problem is huge enough, she noted that it is “not going to be solved overnight.”

6 thoughts on “Video || Kamala Harris upgrades border crisis to “huge problem””

  1. The children, 14,000 or 500 or who knows, are getting the worst of it all. Unable to make their own decisions, they were sent with strangers to a strange country where their fate could be unspeakable. There’s no one to hug them, no one to care when they cry in fear or pain, just people in green suits telling them where to go, what to do. Some will be picked up by people claiming to be relatives, some will go to horrible conditions, but without their parents they are really alone.
    After they’re settled here in the USA, their young lives will get worse when they are sent to school – the English speaking school. They will fail, or fall behind because they have to learn English before anything else.
    Most of them are doomed to be landscapers, baby sitters, cleaning staffers, etc. They won’t be doctors or engineers, won’t learn to do accounts or have a career worth doing. Some will turn to crime, some will just give up.
    There will be a few who succeed, who do get the American Dream, but it will come at a cost.
    This is the crisis. The children are the crisis.

    1. But Obama always insisted they were “the best and the brightest” — cruelly ignoring their likely fate as you laid out.

    2. No one asked for them to be sent here, except Joe. What parent in their right mind sends their kids on a perilous journey, with drug runners and human traffickers. I have pity for the kids, but not to the point of harming our own country. You can be sure that no one, except Kamala finds this funny.

  2. I lived in the Dallas area 12 yrs before moving to PA. Dallas has a huge population of illegals. The city is controlled by liberal Democrats and they go out of their way to attract and protect illegals of all ages. I did a lot of research when I lived there to see exactly what the effect of a huge number of illegal kids had on American kids and their parents. The effect on American kids was not good at all.

    The illegal kids know no English therefore the school district hires bilingual teachers at great U S Taxpayer expense. The illegal kids do get to learn English. The American kid is left behind because of the massive focus and attention placed on teaching the illegals English. Parents of American kids are faced with a dilemma; either let their American kids get behind or pay big bucks to send them to a private or parochial school which they can’t afford.

    Illegal kids are well taken care of. They are well fed at the school. They live with relatives or family friends. With such a huge illegal population in Dallas, there is no problem in finding relatives or family friends to take care of these illegal kids whose parents will eventually join them, thanks to the current corrupt regime in DC.

    American high school kids who want a summer job in landscaping, painting or similar temporary work will not find it. All those jobs are now taken by illegal teenagers.

    American kids are suffering. Yes, from a humanitarian point of view we should feel for anybody who is suffering. Having said that, I now ask: Where should the top priority be given in terms of reducing suffering; should it be to illegal kids first and the American kid second? Or should it be the other way around? We know the corrupt biden administration’s answer to that question. But in the end, to the corrupt biden administration, it has nothing to do with suffering, rather it has everything to do with power, control and winning the next election. That is what this is all about. Both illegal and American kids are paying a high price and I would argue the American kid is paying the higher price.

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