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Video || DEMOCRAT says he warned Biden White House of migrant surge

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, whose district lies on the Mexican border, says he repeatedly warned the Biden White House what was coming. But he was ignored. And now people are suffering.

Cuellar is at least being honest, putting his constituents ahead of the inevitable retribution he will face from the White House for speaking out.

But the Biden administration didn’t need this warning. What has happened was completely predictable.

Donald Trump put in place tough measures — disincentives to try to come into the United States —which, though tough on people in the short term, avoided much pain over the long term.

When Biden removed Trump’s disincentives and instead provided incentives, like telling people he will change immigration laws and make it easier to enter the country and for illegal immigrants to become citizens, people behaved rationally and head straight to the border.

Here are some scenes of the disaster Biden created.

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  1. My sister lives on the border town that this guy represents. My sister has been keeping me informed of what this guy has been saying. This guy doesn’t support open borders. He knew that his town where my sister lives would be hurting if illegals were allowed to freely pour across the border. I wonder how will he vote in Congress when his rhetoric is put to the test. Will he be another Senator Manchin (W VA) who kept saying I will not vote for the COVID bill unless there is bipartisan support. When it came to vote, Manchin voted FOR the bill in spite of the fact that there was no bipartisan support. Republican senators were not allowed to have a say in the COVID bill. Time will tell whether this Congressman from the border is full of hot air.

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