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Kamala Harris, senior Biden aides have supported mandatory buybacks of AR-15s

According to Fox News:

Vice President Harris and multiple top aides to President Biden previously said they support mandatory gun buybacks, which would force Americans to surrender certain types of firearms in exchange for monetary compensation.

Among those who have expressed support for that policy are press secretary Jen Psaki, Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and Cedric Richmond, a senior adviser to Biden and the director of the Office of Public Engagement. Those comments were made before they worked for Biden.

Mandatory gun buybacks, which essentially amount to gun confiscation, are different from what Biden himself has said he supports. The president, during the campaign and currently on his website, backs giving Americans the option to have the government buy back guns commonly known as assault weapons, or to register them under the restrictive National Firearms Act.

“That’s something I would not rule out. These are weapons of mass destruction,” Richmond said on CNN in 2019 when asked about mandatory buybacks. Richmond was still a member of the House of Representatives at the time.

“So if it is a buyback, then I’m all for it. If it’s a mandatory buyback, I think then you may run into some complications, but the thought of it does not offend me, and it sounds like something I could support,” he added.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Harris said when asked a similar question on mandatory buybacks, according to Bloomberg.

During the presidential campaign, many Democrats were excited about comments from former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, when he said he would happily take Americans’ AR-15s.

“Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, AK-47,” O’Rourke said at a Democratic presidential debate.

4 thoughts on “Kamala Harris, senior Biden aides have supported mandatory buybacks of AR-15s”

  1. I am not a gun owner, or a gun proponent.
    But when will we realize that sane people don’t rampage with weapons?
    If the FBI and other officials had their eyes on this loon, why did the system let him buy a weapon?
    Some may disagree with me, but I say:
    30 day wait to buy any weapon, do the proper background check.
    HIPAA law be damned, let sellers of guns have access to true profiles.
    We have a no fly rule for terror suspects, but none for gun purchases…makes no sense.
    Do not ban guns, but make the sale, even better private owners, more stringent, like selling a car… there must be a title, they must be registered, etc. I know some of this already is in place.

    Final thought. How many young men of color died in Chicago since Biden took office, by gun. Why is there no outrage?


    1. 116 dead by gun in Chicago in 2021. This is as of 03/22/21. That equates to an annual toll of 464+

      Almost 500 killed in Chicago in a year, one city.

      No outrage.

      1. I believe there is no outrage because BLM is not organizing protests; they are not making a big deal about it. Because these are blacks against blacks, to Black Lives Matter it matters NOT. If BLM does not care, then the corrupt troika (pelosi, schumer, biden), their handlers and supporters do not care. Corrupt media does not care either. Now, if a black guy dies at the hands of a white guy or policeman, you can bet your bottom dollar there would a HUGE outrage from the groups I mentioned above and others. And, of course, they all would blame President Trump.

  2. If Democrats can’t take guns from criminals in Chicago, how do they think they can take legal weapons away nationally? If the Democrats want a war, taking away someone’s God-given Second Amendment rights will do it.

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