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Biden’s dogs back at the White House after biting someone

One of the dogs bit a “security official,” I assume a Secret Service agent.

Now they’re back on the prowl at the White House.


Of course, the White House even had to spin this, suggesting they were sent back to Delaware because they bit someone at that the visit to Delaware was pre-planned.

“The dogs will come and go,” the White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a briefing Wednesday at the White House.

“The dog’s being trained now,” President Biden told “Good Morning America” last week. “He was going home, I didn’t banish him to home.”

2 thoughts on “Biden’s dogs back at the White House after biting someone”

  1. They’re so full of crap. After making such a big deal about “dogs being back in the White House” (because that meany Trump hated dogs or something), they were gone six weeks into his presidency. Now they’re still spinning like crazy, shuttling the poor dogs back and forth just to save face.

    This is what you get when your priorities are meaningless optics.

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