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WashPost reporter calls out Biden administration for lack of Asian American leaders

What? A lack of diversity in the Biden administration?

According to Fox News:

A Washington Post reporter drew liberal criticism Monday after she called out President Biden for having no Asian-Americans among his executive-level Cabinet secretaries.

With the confirmation of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh this week, Biden secured all 15 of his executive-level Cabinet picks. Although the administration has boasted about the record diversity in the group, none of the picks are of Asian descent, as the Post’s Seung Min Kim noted.

Liberal critics ripped into Kim, with some incorrectly claiming Trade Representative Katherine Tai fit the bill, but that office is not an executive department.

Okay, but let’s note, if the White House is going to be given grief for this. The vice president is indeed half Asian American.

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  1. The vice president is half Asian. She is fully American. The extent of her support of traditional American ideals can be debated, but she is an American. We need to push the discussion toward the issues that matter: I don’t care who your ancestors were (but you legitimately can because they have had varying degrees of influence on you), but I do care what you intend to do in your role in the government.

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