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Biden causing family separations — on the Mexican side of the border

Where is the outrage among Democrats? I guess if they can’t see the evil, the don’t hear the evil.

According to Politico:

The door to the U.S. has been shut tight to asylum seekers since last March, about the time when Janiana first arrived in Tijuana, when the Trump administration issued an order at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic that every migrant — child or adult — would be immediately “expelled” back to Mexico or their home country if they attempted to cross the border, without even a chance to make a case that the persecution they face qualifies them to stay. After he took office this year, Joe Biden kept the policy largely in place, but began to admit unaccompanied minors even while continuing to expel both adults and children who enter with families. Since the shift in policy, some parents and guardians have made the devastating decision, calculated only out of desperation, to send their children off ahead of them, alone, to cross the border.

The result is a new form of family separation — but instead of happening at the hands of federal agents in American government facilities, it’s taking place, family by family, in camps like the one Janiana lives in. The fact that minors won’t be expelled like everyone else has rapidly spread by word of mouth across the length of the border. And while many families choose to stick together, the pressure to separate weighs heaviest on the most vulnerable — families who fear death, whether from persecutors who have followed them to the border, or from extreme hunger.

4 thoughts on “Biden causing family separations — on the Mexican side of the border”

  1. Self-righteous pelosa will undoubtedly not say anything negative about it if she says anything at all. When Trump was president, she spoke out against it, forcefully, loudly, frequently saying it’s immoral, that it’s spiritually and religiously wrong. And just thinking that this ultra-hypocrite is 3rd in line to be President, 2nd when Camel-A moves permanently into the Oval Office, is enough to make one scream out in terror, to have frightful nightmares. These are scary, dangerous and heart wrenching times in which we live in.

  2. Are we supposed to feel pity for the poor, downtrodden illegals who show up looking well fed, wearing Nike runners and “Biden, please let us in”
    t-shirts? Sorry, but I do not.

    1. … and smart phones and they know how to use them. The invasion is well on its way in America. Last Friday I walked into Kong Fu Tea shop, a shop that just opened about 2 wks ago. As I walked in, I noticed on the floor the signs to keep 6 ft apart while waiting in line. They were all written in Spanish. The young people working there are all of oriental background who speak English with a heavy oriental accent. Afterwards, on my way home, as I entered my complex where I live, I noticed a landscape truck with 8 young guys milling around the truck. These guys looked liked they just arrived from south of the border. I live in PA. The invasion is well on its way.

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