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Video || Biden stumbles – a lot – headed up Air Force One steps

The White House blamed the wind, and it was windy there. But if you look, he pretty clearly missteps. Also, are they saying the president can get blown around by the wind?

The News Junkies decided this called for a playoff.

18 thoughts on “Video || Biden stumbles – a lot – headed up Air Force One steps”

  1. Sad. He displays many of the symptoms my mom did in the last few years of her dementia struggle. When she began falling we had to get nursing care. He should always have someone helping him up the stairs.

    1. As someone who’s own mother suffered from this, I sympathize with you about what your mother went through. It is a horrible disease, however the only help Joe should receive is having someone help him into a prison infirmary.

    1. I’m sure it was a matter of optics management – they made a cruel, calculated decision that it would look worse if someone ran to his aid versus him righting himself on his own . . . regardless if he was injured. These people have no souls.

      1. That is how us old fogeys break our hips, falling into the staircase.
        The whole thing with Biden is so wrong, for him and more so for us.

    2. SrDem65, I noticed that too. Why on earth would no one rush to assist ANY person who stumbles, and especially an important person? Pretending it isn’t happening is a sign of disregard, I think. Rude at best, and actually uncaring.

      This recalls a similar “ignoring” during one of the European events President Trump attended, when someone in the German delegation was ill or fell down … I can’t find it now, but I think it was Angela Merkle and a shaking episode. IIRC, we commented similarly here, that President Trump was the only person who showed concern about her well-being, while the people around her pretended it was not happening.

  2. It’s a tough call. On one hand, from a strictly humanitarian perspective, one has to feel for this guy. On the other hand, his words and actions have inflicted much pain and suffering on our nation and it’s citizens, those who love our country. I can understand OKLAHOMA LADY’s term “prison infirmary”. It covers both sides of the spectrum, humanitarian – he needs help, hence infirmary – and a penalty (prison) for illegal, suffering-inducing actions, actions for which he is ultimately responsible.

  3. Our tongue bath media, Geo. Stephanopolis, Psaki, and all those people who think he’s all there as long as you dice splice his on air appearances, doesn’t do press conferences and takes zero questions are more to blame than Joe who thinks he’s starring in the 25 year old re-make of “WAG THE DOG”.

    1. And their official explanation was that he was knocked over by a light breeze . . . three times.

      That’s not the spin of a strong nation.

  4. It’s pride and a lying or misleading Karma… This man is 78 years old — why the game of pretending to be a youthful guy running up the stairs (which was not the case)…. He has to act like he is young…. He is an actor. He has done nothing really in life but act like he knows something.

    When I hit 50 I said — be safe. Stop jumping off of things 3-4 feet off the ground — When you use a ladder… one step at a time… don’t be a dumb a** and get yourself hurt. I’m not feeble but I know that jumping off the back of the tailgate of an F150 can go wrong so I carefully get off rather than just hop off. I am not trying to impress someone by hopping around.
    Joe was a dumb a** to not just slowly walk up the stairs.

    1. If you have ever dealt with a dementia patient they aren’t always cooperative. A relative of mine was in a Alz unit and he was the lowest beginning level (stage 1). He was in much better physical and mental shape than Biden. You could still reason w/him. Biden has been off the rails for forty years. Would love to see him when he’s not highly medicated. I will bet that’s interesting….

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