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The White House fired people who smoke pot; except, not Kamala Harris

The Biden White House has fired several people who admitted to past marijuana use. One of them was NOT Kamala Harris.

“I have,” she said, when asked during the campaign if she had smoked Marijuana. “And I inhaled. I did inhale,” Harris said. “I think it gives a lot of people joy. And we need more joy in the world.”

Joy to the world!

The White House has now updated its policy to ensure that people won’t automatically be fired for past pot smoking. But people whose positions require security clearances don’t get an exception.

Except for Harris, who sits in every day on the President’s Daily Brief, which outlines the most nation’s sensitive and urgent intelligence.

H/T Fox News.

5 thoughts on “The White House fired people who smoke pot; except, not Kamala Harris”

  1. This administration is just so classy. You can smoke week on the job and as you’re being lectured by China you can have purple hair! The Dementia-patient-in chief falls up stairs and blames the wind, our enemies must be having a great laugh.

  2. ???? Has anyone heard of Obama? Read his books? Is this some sort of reverse virtue signaling or has it become a problem with the uber-progressive minions hired by this administration?
    BTW she was clearly lying/pandering in her “joy” interview trying to be Jamaican

  3. I ask rhetorically as I haven’t read any either. But anyone paying attention to the hype heard that weed wasn’t the only drug O engaged in. My comment was about the hypocrisy and lies. President Trump didn’t even drink and he didn’t virtue signal against the choices of others.

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