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Senior Biden official finally will go to the border

It’s much too much for President Biden to go. He will be headed to Camp David this weekend for a short hike and some bird watching.

But Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is visiting the southern border Friday with some senators to see once and for all if this is a crisis or not!

But the press is not allowed. You know, because of Covid.

The military lets the press cover wars, but reporters cannot come see administration detention centers for children on the border because of Covid.

According to Fox News.

Portman, R-Ohio, told Fox News about the Friday visit during an interview along the border in El Paso, Texas. Details and timing were not immediately available.

“I’m spending the day tomorrow with Secretary Mayorkas. He’ll be here,” Portman said when asked if he would have the chance to share what he saw on his visit to the border with the Biden administration.

“We’ll be looking at some of the issues including this huge problem with unaccompanied kids coming across the border,” he continued. “Those numbers have increased even more dramatically to the point that right now we have a true crisis in the detention facilities … We’re gonna talk about that tomorrow and we’ll see some of those facilities. And we’ll have a chance to talk about what I saw tonight.”

The Department of Homeland Security later put out a statement announcing Mayorkas’ visit. It noted that he will travel with a “bipartisan” group of senators. It also said press would not be allowed because of coronavirus precautions.

3 thoughts on “Senior Biden official finally will go to the border”

  1. Still no reason for Joke Biden to go. The clown can’t even walk up a flight of stairs, leave the decisions to the adults in the room.

  2. The last time we had this surge of illegal aliens, this is what happened in Arizona:
    Every 7-11 (or similar) had 100+ illegal men standing in the parking lot hoping for a ‘day job’.
    Every low-cost motel had rooms stuffed with a dozen people, every low-cost apartment had 3 families living inside.
    Our schools were blind-sided by non-English speaking students and non-Spanish speaking teachers.
    Every hospital ER was jammed with a hundred illegals seeking medical care. In most places a waiting line streched outside for a block.

    Our state was in emergency mode – our resources were at the breaking point.
    In response to the Feds ignoring their own laws, our Legislature passed a law allowing local police to enforce Federal Immigration Laws.
    The result: Our Federal government sued our state. Hundreds of companies, sports groups, even cities, boycotted Arizona. Refused to do business with anyone located in Arizona.
    The duly elected Sheriff of Maricopa Co (phoenix area) refused to back down. He instructed his deputies to enforce the immigration laws. He was arrested.

    How anything will be different is not going to be realized for a while.

    1. SRDEM65, I sympathize with you. I don’t live in AZ, never have but I read every article that was written on what was happening in AZ at the time. The courts played a significant role in allowing and thus promoting what you have described. The courts would rule that immigration is strictly a Federal issue, that states have nothing to say on this matter and to butt out. President Trump did something about it and he was getting positive results, illegal immigration was finally being reduced and under controll. Tragically, the Oval Office was stolen from him (that’s my belief) and we are now seeing what you describe all over again except that, in my estimation, it will be worse this time around.

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