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Retired NJ teacher wins $325K after being forced to censor Trump out of Yearbook

The man was elected president once and nearly reelected losing the Electoral College by a few thousand votes. And he might be president again. But the Left wants to cancel him, literally erase him, as if the views of half the country don’t matter.

The Bolsheviks didn’t have majority support when they took over either.

Wait until the liberal historians get started with Trump.

Click on the link to see how the editing of the student’s pro-Trump T-shirt looked.

According to NJ Advance Media:

“A former New Jersey teacher who alleged her bosses conspired to blame her for editing a Donald Trump T-shirt out of the school yearbook will receive a $325,000 settlement from the district.

“Susan Parsons, who has since retired from the Wall Township School District, sued the school system in 2019 saying she was scapegoated and received death threats over the controversy that made national headlines in the summer of 2017.

“Parsons, then the school yearbook adviser, insisted a secretary who was a proxy for the principal ordered her to edit the Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ shirt. Though Parsons voted for Trump in 2016, she dutifully made the student appear as though he were wearing a plain navy blue T-shirt, she said.

“The Wall Board of Education approved the settlement agreement Tuesday night, and the district made no admission of wrongdoing or liability, according to a copy of the agreement obtained through an open records request. The payment will be made by the district’s insurance carrier, according to the agreement.”